Opeth brings In Cauda Venenum to Kansas City

Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth performing at the Midland Theater in Kansas City. Photo by Josh Chaikin

After releasing their 13th album, In Cauda Venenum, prog rock favorites, Opeth, returned to to the Midland Theater in Kansas City. With Graveyard in tow, fans were in for a helluva treat.

Upon arriving to the Midland, lines were wrapping around, down the block, and into the parking garage, everyone hoping to get a great spot up front. Or a shirt in their size, as once the doors opened, lines were longer at the merch booth than the bar, or the restrooms; who needs beer when you have have prog? I can only wonder how many fans stopped by Meshuggah for some bagels before the show to complete the experience.

Hitting the stage first were fellow Swedes, and Nuclear Blast labelmates, Graveyard. With a set of 9 songs, Graveyard were a great pick to kick things off, setting the moody tone that would only continue through the evening. Moody, and powerful, they brought the crowd up to a frenzy quickly.

After a short break to strike the stage, Opeth came on, introduced by a video of a cityscape projected onto LCD panels that wrapped around the stage, and stood behind it, Opeth played in a sea of red strobes, and a flood of blues. They knew the atmosphere they wanted for their music, and they really delivered.

Opening with Svekets Prins, Opeth quickly took the Midwestern crowd on a sonic journey, accented by a flashing light show, and a roller coaster of musical twists, that could only be enhanced from the waft of cannabis (purely medicinal, I’m sure) that swept through the theater.

The acoustic dance would continue, as the progressive Swedes played fan favorites, such as The Leper Affinity, Sorceress, and of course Deliverance. Our Scandanavian friends were in top form, and delivered a set of face-melting licks, without so much as breaking a sweat.

Fans came from around the Midwest for a killer show, and were not disappointed.

Words and Photos by Josh Chaikin

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