Pierce the Veil, Dayseeker and Holding Absence – Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham – 05/04/2024

Vic Fuentes of Pierce the Veil performing in Nottingham. Photo by Carrie-Anne Pollard

The universe is trying it’s hardest to ruin the night, with trains cancelled and tickets not scanning properly on entrance, it’s a mission just to get through the doors. But those that do make it, wait with baited breath for the first band to arrive.

That band is Holding Absence, the Welsh four piece are making their UK arena debut, and don’t disappoint. Even though they’re the opening act, it’s clear from the amount of cheers that erupt throughout the standing area, that there are a lot of fans in attendance. Opening with ‘Like a Shadow’ and continuing on with ‘Gravity’, the crowd waste no time, circle pits and screams are aplenty. Vocalist Lucas Woodland is a natural on this huge stage, kicking and jumping his way through the set. ‘A Crooked Melody’ gets the whole room clapping, while set closer ‘Afterlife’ really shows how well loved this band already are, the audience singing along loud enough to hear, opening up more pits at the command of Woodland, to finish off an impressive performance.

Next up are American post hardcore quartet Dayseeker, who show off their perfect mix of heavy and melodic with opening song ‘Gates of Ivory’. Also playing their UK arena debut, they blast through an emotional set, the crowd seem less familiar, but no doubt this pitch perfect performance has garnered a whole gathering of new fans. ‘Without Me’ has the whole room waving their arms side to side, getting the biggest cheer of the set. Noticing the crowd enjoying the participation, vocalist Rory Rodriguez gets the room clapping and lapping up the next tune, ‘Crying While You’re Dancing’. Slowing all the way down, Rodriguez is left onstage with just an acoustic guitar for a stripped down performance of ‘Starving To Be Empty’ off upcoming acoustic album Replica. He’s not alone for long though, as Lucas Woodland joins him for the emotive, powerful performance. Dayseeker end their set on ‘Neon Grave’.

Last but certainly not least, the band everyone has been waiting for, Pierce the Veil make their way onto the stage. Springing straight into ‘Death of an Executioner’, the room erupts – as do the confetti cannons – and doesn’t stop. This is the first date of the tour, and the band are rightly loving every second. Going a bit left field, they play a cover of Radiohead’s ‘Karma Police’, to a massive scream of appreciation from the room. Newer songs like ‘Pass the Nirvana’ and ‘Emergency Contact’ get the crowd in a frenzy, just as much as older songs like ‘A Match Into Water’. During ‘Hold on Till May’ frontman Vic Fuentes makes not only the night, but probably the life of fan Julia, who is brought up to the stage and serenaded, after being given the guitar that Fuentes had been playing.

Lining up at the front of stage, Fuentes, guitarist Tony Perry and bassist Jaime Preciado sit side by side for an acoustic rendition of ‘Bulletproof Love’, before kicking back in with the one-two punch of ‘May These Noises Startle You in Your Sleep’ and ‘Hell Above’. Of course, what is a rock show without an encore? Pierce the Veil take it all the way back to 2010’s ‘Besitos’, showing just how long this band has been around, then, of course, ending the set on the massive ‘King for a Day’. The crowd is full of sweaty bodies, lost voices and ecstatic faces. If Pierce the Veil had even one tiny worry about their first arena tour on these shores, rest assured that tonight has proven that their dedicated fan base will come out in force. Even when trains have been cancelled, and tickets have to be re-bought on the door.

Words and Photos by Carrie-Anne Pollard

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