Therapy Sessions Hits Dallas, Texas

It was a hot summer night, and the fans flocked to Dos Equis Pavilion for heavy metal therapy. Talk about a fantastic lineup to get the whole therapy session going. Some great therapists set up to give us a complete music therapy treatment this night. Mudvayne would be the final show tonight, but they brought along a great group of friends to kick things off for them. They had a stacked bill with the following lineup. Butcher Babies would kick things off and give you the first dose of heavy metal music for the night. Following them would be none other than Nonpoint and a very high-energy, fantastic show, with GWAR coming on after they finished their set. Shortly after GWAR, you had the heavy-hitting Coal Chamber appear to help continue us onto some healing with their incredible music. The night’s final act was the phenomenal Mudvayne, and they would give us the last dose of helping and healing through their hefty music tonight. Butcher Babies and Nonpoint both kicked things off early in the afternoon and despite the heat, they gave it their all and left it all on the stage. The fans were cheering and singing along with their songs as they played and sweated it all out while performing.  

After the first couple of bands, it came time for the intergalactic heavy metal superstars GWAR to take the stage and give us a dose of heavy metal shock rock. As their intro played, all eyes locked onto the stage and screens to the side, waiting for them to take the step and start the onslaught of our senses and spraying blood all over the humans. They kicked off their set with Hail Genocide and started rocking out with thunderous beats and heavy riffs as they began their incredible stage show and antics. They quickly moved to their next song, The Cutter, as the other members of the show started taking the stage and getting ripped apart and shooting blood all over the fans in the pit, and they loved every minute of it, asking for more. The fans kept soaking up the blood, asking for more, singing along, and moshing in the mosh pit as the show continued. They kept their performance moving in the blazing sun and heat and continued spraying the fans in the pit. They even brought out their own Putin for Mother Fucking Liar and started ripping him to shreds with blood spurting everywhere. Then at one point, Blothar morphed into the Berserker, came out to cause chaos on the scene, and sprayed out his blue blood all over the fans, dripping in blood from head to toe. They wrapped up their session for the day with a cover of AC/DC’s If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It) and gave the fans one last dose of blood and bodily fluid sprays to help cool them off.   The incredible Coal Chamber followed up for the next dose of metal music for the night behind GWAR, and they would kick it up a notch.

As the Nu metal giants’ Coal Chambers music began to play, the fans started crowding the barricade to be as close as possible to the action. The light dimmed, and the Halloween music began playing as the band entered the stage. The crowd erupted at the site of them taking their places and got set to start the mosh pit as frontman. Dez began signaling them to open the pit. Immediately they kicked off into one of their hit songs Loco and the fans started moshing and singing as the band began thrashing on the stage, head banging and playing. The whole band sounded fantastic like we all remembered from our youth when they started the Coal Chamber journey. They quickly followed that up with another great tune, Fiend, with some heavy-hitting drum strikes and booming bass lines. While their drummer was killing it on his drum set, you could occasionally see his tech come up and pour water on him to help him keep cool during the brutal Texas heat. After Fiend Dez told them, he loved the pit action as they played on the stage, watching them go crazy in the pit to their songs. He then asked his guitarist if he could drive him because it was time to drive. They jumped straight into their song

Big Truck, and the fans quickly began running into each other in the pit and losing their mind. The crowd took it all in as they played and provided an excellent soundtrack for some metal music healing. They continued with their set and helped get out some more emotions as you listened to their music, dancing, jumping, and moving all around as they sang their hit songs for us. 

The final act of the night was up next. The almighty Mudvayne was the last to conclude our therapy sessions tonight. As the crew began breaking down the stage and getting everything set up for the final act, a large curtain covering the stage area dropped with the infamous Mudvayne logo. The fans erupted with cheers and applause seeing it knowing they were about to get their final dose of heavy metal music for this hot summer night. The lights went out, and the intro music began to play, and you could see slight motion behind the curtain as they all took their spots on the stage. As soon as the music started playing, the curtain dropped, and Chad began singing out the vocals to Not Falling as the fans sang along with him. When they finished their first song, they jumped straight into Under My Skin, as the bass player and guitar player were moving all over the stage, having fun and toying with the crowd. Lights were going off and moving all over the scene, and fog was shooting up from the front to the back of the stage. Chad was moving all over the stage from riser to riser and up to the edge of the stage, interacting with the fans. You could see their emotion as they played their songs and left it all on the stage as they poured sweat from the heat this evening.

After they finished their second song, the crowd was chanting Mudvayne, and the guitarists started in on the crunchy riffs of Internal Primates Forever, followed by the low end of the bass and heavy strikes to the drums. A little while into their set for the night, Chad gives the guys a quick break, addresses the fans, and lets them in on a little secret. He talks with the crowd, lets them know just how important music is to him, and tells the fans that Heavy Metal music has saved his life more than once. Everyone there screamed when he said to them that he was in agreeance and let him know that he was not alone. There were many people in that venue who said the same thing about music and how it has helped them through some of their darkest times. Chad continued talking to us for a few minutes and told us all to let go of everything we were dealing with in our lives and live in the moment while we were there. He told us it would all be there waiting on us when we got done here tonight, but while we were here, let it go and have fun and go completely nuts and be as loud as you want. From there, they jumped straight into A New Game, and the fans were so happy to make a ton of noise during this song, screaming and singing along. After a few more of their amazing songs, he spoke to the crowd again and explained a mentality that we should all adapt to. He was talking about his love of the mosh pit and that no matter what happens inside of the pit, when you get knocked down, someone is there to help you, and sometimes it is the person that knocked you down. He said if more people in this world would do that and help someone out, grab their hand, and help them up. He then said if we could figure out how to show the rest of the world how to have that level of respect for each other, we would be living in a completely different world than we live in right now. Chad then said we must have a “mosh pit mentality” and help each other up, then had everyone scream and high-five a stranger. They continued working their way through an incredible setlist they provided for our therapy session tonight and had the crowd’s attention on every word and song they played. They wrapped up their set with two songs that made the crowd erupt when they heard the first notes played. These songs were none other than Dig and Happy, which had everyone up and moving and singing along, recording to have the memories from an unforgettable performance by Mudvayne!  

You may have ever had the experience of a Mudvayne show, but it is something you will remember. Once you have experienced this level of music therapy, you will not want to miss it when it comes back to a town near you. Every performance here tonight was impressive; each band and artist left it all on the stage and helped everyone get their fill of music therapy for the evening. If they need to visit your town, there is still time to catch this tour. If they haven’t made it there, I highly suggest going and checking it out and seeing what the show is all about and helping yourself to an incredible Psychotherapy session. I will be watching for these bands to come back through town and trying to catch them again.

Words and Photos by Craig Youngblood


1.      Not Falling

2.      Under My Skin

3.      Internal Primates Forever

4.      World So Cold

5.      A New Game

6.      Severed

7.      Death Blooms

8.      Fish Out of Water

9.      Dull Boy

10.  Determined

11.  Nothing to Gein

12.  Dig

13.  Happy?

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