Crash Midnight – Kansas City

I go to dozens of concerts a year. While I usually enjoy the music that I hear, a lot of the times, with bands I’m less familiar with, it slowly begins to escape me as the weeks go on. A few days ago, I was contacted by someone with a band out of Boston called Crash Midnight, asking me if I’d like to cover their show when they come into Kansas City, on Sunday night. Usually when I’m contacted like this, links to the band’s music is provided. After hearing only the first 20 seconds of Diamond Boulevard, I could not agree fast enough.

While only playing a small handful of songs as a supporting act, Crash Midnight took over and owned the stage for the short 30 minutes that they had. Dee Snider wrote in his book, “Shut Up and Give Me the Mic” that if a musician has any energy left after their show, then they’ve cheated their audience. Lead singer, Shaun Soho, clearly took this to heart, and gave everything he could during their time on stage.

Approximately halfway through their set, a friend who was at the show with me, remarked how similar they sounded to Slash and Miles Kennedy. No sooner did he say this, then the band launched into a cover of  Guns ‘n Roses Mr. Brownstone – the song could very well have been their own. The band already has a solid following in their native hometown, and their single Welcome to Boston is used at sporting events through the City. (For some reason, Kansas City doesn’t want to use the song which shares its name).

Crash Midnight’s debut album, Lost in the City, will be released on November 18th. You can pre-order now on their website. In fact, you might want to do that now, before you forget. In the meantime, if the YouTube videos aren’t enough for you, you can catch Crash Midnight on the road with Adelita’s Way, and The Pretty Reckless.

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