Enter Shikari, Fever 333 & Noahfinnce – Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham – 10/02/24

Rou Reynolds of Enter Shikari in Nottingham. Photo by Carrie-Anne Pollard

First support tonight comes from YouTuber turned rock star Noahfinnce. While in some circles his brand of poppy angst filled rock is highly appreciated and loved, it doesn’t quite translate tonight. This just isn’t the right audience – most are probably a decade too old to truly fit into his demographic.

That being said, Noahfinnce – the man and the band – are having a blast, and do manage to pull some heads up in attention. ‘Life’s a Bit’ gets a good amount of cheers, and ‘Scumbag’ (which opens with Noah saying ‘this song is not about JK Rowling and she doesn’t suck…legally’) gets heads nodding with the electro synth beats that Enter Shikari fans can’t help but be drawn to. While I don’t know if the crowd will be flocking to check out Noahfinnce after tonight, he certainly managed to win them over in the moment.

Main support is Fever 333, who, as of the middle of last year, are now a quartet. With Jason Butler at the helm, it’s no surprise when they blast onto the stage with energy and charisma. Opening with ‘Burn It’. Our headliners tonight are no strangers to a political message, and the supports they’ve chosen follow suit. While Noahfinnce talked about transphobia, Fever 333 stack their set with important messages. First, a heartfelt speech in support of Palestine, next a dedicated song – ‘One of Us’ to all women, and of course, the powerful through line of racism, community and justice is on display throughout the whole set.

During each song the crowd grows bigger, the energy increases and Fever 333 feed off of it. While I do think bands like this work better in a more intimate, frenzied setting, the huge scale of the arena doesn’t stop Butler getting into the crowd, standing on the hands of the masses during ‘BITE BACK’ (then apologising for definitely accidentality stomping on someone’s head while out there) They finish the set with ‘Hunting Season’.

Finally, what everyone has been waiting for, Enter Shikari. Vocalist Rou Reynolds appears on stage alone, to open the set with the spoken word ‘System…’ with only the visuals behind to accompany him. Soon though, the rest of the band join, to kick straight into ‘…Meltdown’. All the pent up energy comes rushing out of the audience, screaming the words at the top of their lungs, from start to finish.

Everything about the night is near perfect. The band sound on point, not wavering in energy or talent throughout the full hour and 45 minute show. The visuals that join them on multiple backdrops add an extra layer to the experience – whether it’s to help tell a story, to add a trippy abstract artistic element or to splash a silly 15ft selfie across the screen (I’m looking at you Rob Rolfe)

Before kicking into ‘Bloodshot’ Reynolds climbs to the top of the left light tower, interacting with the screen in a way that makes it look like water. Not one to leave out the other side, later in the set the rest of that band get a little breather, as he makes his way to the top of the right tower to perform a few cut down acoustic tracks, including ‘The Pressure’s On’ and ‘Juggernauts’.

Though this tour is billed as ‘A Kiss For the Whole World’ tour, each album in their 20+ year career is represented on an almost equal footing. Each sitting alongside one another, showing that Enter Shikari aren’t capable of making a dud. Jason Butler joins the band for recent collaboration ‘Losing My Grip’, while during ‘The Sight’ Rou tries (and fails) to make his way around the whole arena’s seating area.

Meanwhile, (badumtish) the set ‘finishes’ on ‘{The Dreamer’s Hotel}‘, before actually finishing on an incredibly nostalgic encore of ‘Sorry You’re Not a Winner’ and of course, ‘A Kiss for the Whole World x’.

Enter Shikari continuously prove that they are a band that thrive and flourish on the live experience. From the tiny basement rooms of yesteryear, to the packed out stadiums of today, Shikari never fail to deliver. Go and see them live. Go. Now.

Words and Photos by Carrie-Anne Pollard

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