Electric Wizard: Bringing Doom to NYC

 For 25 years, Electric Wizard has captured the imagination of many people throughout the world. With an extensive body of work and a cult base following, many of  “the chosen few” in attendance entered the Brooklyn Steel venue as if they were entering a house of worship.

The Dorset-born doomsters have been to the New York area three times since 2015. However, given how rare they do come to the states many people from all walks of life were in attendance. While the band was getting ready to take the stage the smell of the magical mystery weed was making its way into the crowd. One could not help but notice the spiritual awareness taking effect. The evening had the vibe of worship written all over.

As Jus Oborn took the stage you could tell he was happy to be in New York City on his terms. As he tore into the supermassive-sounding riff of a song “Witchcult Today” from the album of the same title. For seven-plus minutes it was musical foreplay. With less to say Liz Buckingham and Jus Oborn moved right into the crowd favorite “Black Mass”. While the Bonnie and Clyde from hell ran away with the song the background included visual snippets of various films by the legendary Spanish director Jesús Franco.

The grinding sound of the songs like “See You in Hell” and “Hear The Siren Scream” are much more of their current blueprint at this point in their career. The short but sweet set did include the obligatory song ‘Satanic Rites of Drugula” and “The Chosen Few”, which left the fan wanting more. Knowing that Electric Wizard tends to do short sets, the hardcore fanatics knew the closer would be “Funeralopolis” from the classic album “Dopethrone”.

Jus Oborn who is clearly is influenced by 60’s proto-metal, horror also helped contribute the technical side of sludge playing. The technique is often copied but the feel is what makes the style of playing intriguing. Jus Oborn, Liz Buckingham, Simon Poole, and Haz Weaton performed a flawless version of “Funeralopolis”.

We the “Chosen Few” in attendance witnessed a man who has reached the apex of guitar playing. Seeing Jus play reminds one of the Pied Piper of Hamelin leading his “fanatics” into the sound of the devil’s note. When it was all said and done the crowd was drenched and elated as the venue emptied slowly like a fog into the streets of Brooklyn. We were treated to an epic musical doom aria at the end of the night as this evening was religion in its most primal form.

Words by Sebastian Bjorn Benedict

Photos by Anya Svirskaya

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