Kiefer Sutherland brings his Country Music to Kansas City



Though we are facing sleet and snow, the nice weather stayed with us long enough to enjoy an outdoor concert on Friday night. Though we were under a severe thunderstorm warning, and a tornado watch, even a cyclone knows better than to cross Jack Bauer.

Playing at the legendary Knuckleheads Saloon in Kansas City, just off the rail yards (with trains plowing through, adding their own horns to the mix of guitars), Kiefer packed the open aired venue to near capacity. Known for his work on television in 24Designated Survivor, and 80’s film classics like Lost Boys, and Stand by Me, Kiefer was wholly aware of his celebrity bringing people in, thanking everyone for coming out to hear “Songs they’ve never heard.”

Since releasing his debut album Down in a Hole in 2016, Kiefer has been keeping himself busy playing his brand of country, including a performance at Rhythm and Booze in 2017. His YouTube channel also features a few music videos of him performing his original material. For being primarily an actor, and a debut effort, Kiefer’s music is surprisingly good. His style of country is more classic than contemporary, opting away from twangy vocals, and near rock-style music, opting for slower beats, and songs about whiskey. What’s not to love?

Fans of country music will likely enjoy Kiefer’s raspy vocals, and traditional music, while fans of the actor will certainly enjoy seeing this unique side-project from the Hollywood star. Especially if they can catch one of his live performances.

Words and Photos by Josh Chaikin

Kiefer Sutherland

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