Mechanik War III: “Xtermination” Review

Mechanik War III’s new album “Xtermination” is definitely a hardcore industrial metal that will have fans head banging. It is definitely for hardcore industrial metal fans. The band has taken industrial metal to a whole new artistic direction. The direction of devilish vocals meets evil throaty growls. The band is on the harsher edges of metal, and if you enjoy that heaviness, you will enjoy the sound and electrified intensity.

Many parts of this album reminded me of GWAR, with similar vocal styles and instrumentals. “Flesh Reich” and “Slay the Dictators” stood out to me as two of the heavier songs on the album. With heavy guitar riffs mirroring speed metal, Mechanik War III is sure to have fans rocking out.

Their first self-titled demo, which was released in 2012, really helped Mechanik War III step out into the industrial metal scene. However, with their release of “Xtermination,” they have proved that they are not going anywhere. Their heavy vocals, electrifying guitar riffs, hard-hitting drums, and booming bass prove that they have rightly earned themselves a spot in this subgenre of metal.

If you are not a fan of heavy bands, then this is not the album for you. However, if you’re into heavy metal, you’ll probably love this band.


01 – Flesh Reich 
02 – Cyber-Chemical Warfare (Cataclysm) 
03 – Apokalypse-X69 
04 – Xtermination (Death March) 
05 – God Forsaken 
06 – Evil In Disguise (Exorcism) 
07 – Crucified Scarecrow 
08 – Slay the Dictators 
09 – krystal Spheres 
10 – In Memoriam 
11 – Xtermination (Remix)

Words by Diane Henning

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