Album Review: Seek Irony – “Tech N’ Roll”

Seek Irony arose out of the burgeoning music scene of Tel Aviv, Israel. The founders of the band, brothers Kfir, and Rom Gov felt that it was time to take things to a whole new level, and move the band to the United States. The band had picked Austin, “The Live Music Capital of the World,” to be their new home base in the US.

“Tech N’ Roll” is the début album of Austin-based, Israeli rock band Seek Irony. The 11 track album demonstrates the bands influences from both rock and techno. Most of the tracks seem to follow the same formula, with muted instrumentals at the intro, before they kick things into overdrive as the song progresses. I would like to have heard a little more variety, but the riffs and lyrics provide plenty of that.

The opening track, She, leads off with muted guitars, before rising to a crescendo of driving rock. There is a little too much vocal effects done for my taste; thankfully, they don’t last for the whole song. When Kfir’s voice shines through, it is some of the stronger moments of the track. Shortly after the 3 minute mark, we’re greeted with the unmistakable drum and bass riffs that one expects from techno and electronica music.

While electronica rock acts are nothing new, Seek Irony does seem to place a little more emphasis on the rock than the techno. Shifting from heavy rock, to a techno bridge did seem awkward at first, but by the time I got to the albums fifth offering, “When You Lie,” I got used to it, and was able to enjoy the music without it feeling unusual.

In all, while Tech N’ Roll offers nothing revolutionary, it is a solid first effort from Seek Irony, and one that is sure to find them fans around the world as they begin performing more outside of the Austin area.

The album, titled “Tech N’ Roll” is available directly from Seek Irony, here!store/cm02.

Seek Irony are:

Kfir Gov – Vocals
Rom Gov – Drums
Mikael Oganes – Synths/DJ
Adam Donovan – Bass/ Misa Tri Bass
Alex Campbell- Guitar


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