Lost in Silence wants to know…Can you Rest in Peace?

            Can you rest in peace or do you even know the answer to that question, or have you ever thought about it? Well I can tell you that the guys from Lost in Silence say that they will never be able to rest in peace after they had their hearts broken and scarred. In fact, that is the title to their latest single that came out recently in 2021 “Rest in Peace”. In this song they touch on some of the things that we endure in relationships and how that seem to affect us.

            As soon as the opening chords are struck you hear the question sung of trying to figure out how they got this far if the relationship was going nowhere. I am sure that there are many times in our life that we have faced a scenario like this and often wondered their questions ourselves. If you give this song a listen, you will see that you will be able to relate to the lyrics in it in one way or another. They seem to touch about a one-sided relationship where he is giving more to it and working harder than the other person is or was. He continually asks the question of how they came that far if it was never meant to be anything and was never meant to go as far as it did in the first place. The singer then asks how they got all these scars if it was never meant to be. They also seem to think that their partner never even cared. I believe that everyone has had a broken heart or a few in their lifetime and it always seems like we will never get over it or move on after it happens or especially while it is happening. I imagine that is why the band wrote this song to tell us a story of the ultimate heart break. They are feeling like they will never be able to rest in peace because of the heartbreak that they have endured. This seems to have been a bad one because of all the things that were said during the relationship and the promises to never leave and to always stand by each other. Les makes sure to remind their loved one of everything that was said and how they acted. He even begs them to come back so they can be together so they can finally have peace. It seems that they would do anything to get them back and to just make it work so they can continue with their life.

            Lost in Silence has a great sound that combines heaviness with a touch of alternative that I grew up listening to and always love to hear bands that have that distinct yet familiar sound. They also sound like a couple different genres mashed together eloquently and make it their own sound. This is most likely from their musical influences that listen to and got them kicked off into their music careers. If you give this song a listen, I think you will be looking for more music from them to listen to. I know that I will be listening to more of their music and look forward to hearing more of what they have to offer and hopefully get to see their live show.

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