Visions of Atlantis Commands Lawrence Audience

Clèmentine Delauney and Michele Guaitoli at The Granda in Lawrence, Kansas. Photo: Josh Chaikin

There are many reasons to get to a concert early. Crowd free shopping at the merch table? Sure. Getting a good spot right up on the rail by the stage? Absolutely. Catching the opening bands at the venue? 100%! And anyone who was a straggler to Dragonforce on Tuesday night surely missed something special with VISIONS OF ATLANTIS. And I’m not just saying that because they gave me money, it was purely transactional.

Formed in 2000, and undergoing a number of lineup changes over the years, VISIONS OF ATLANTIS has been around for quite some time. and built up a following over the years, with only drummer Thomas Caser being in rotation for the duration (unfortunately, due to extreme lighting over the drum kit, he remained completely unseen by me throughout the performance).

Coming off of Wanderers, and a new album Pirates dropping in May, VISIONS OF ATLANTIS had a lot to show, and came prepared. Part symphonic metal, part power metal, and part pirate metal, Visions manages to construct something wholly unique, but comfortably familiar. The Nightwish influence is clear, with some melodies taking me back to Elan, and the flute intro on Heroes of the Dawn had me reading through the liner notes to see if Troy Donockley had recorded them.

Vocal duties are shared by Clèmentine Delauney, whose operatic voice meshes well with the more metal elements of the band, is balanced by the raspy, more traditional rock vocals of Michele Guaitol. The pairing reminds me of some of the duets that KAMELOT has done. The harmonizing is as enthralling as the chemistry of those two.

When asked by the crowd who had heard of VISIONS OF ATLANTIS before that night, the response was fairly muted, but the response from the crowd throughout the night was anything but. They were electrified. VISIONS OF ATLANTIS had a tough job ahead of them, to warm the crowd up, and keep them enthralled until Dragonforce could make their appearance. VISIONS may have failed in that task, but only in the best way possible. The energy they brought out onstage was only returned tenfold, and any passerby would be excused if they thought the capacity crowd was there to see them.

Though it can’t all be fun and games, Clèmentine left us with some homework, which I know pass along to you. Watch the music video for their single Legion of the Seas from their album Pirates due out on May 13th, you’ll be glad you did.

You can even pre-Order the upcoming album here:

Words and Photos by Josh Chaikin

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