City of the Weak “Pulling Teeth” Review

I had never listened to City of the Weak and when I was asked to review them I was intrigued. First of all I love the lead singer’s vocals. They were strong and solid and had a little rough attitude to them.

City of the Weak’s new album, “Pulling Teeth” is definitely rock/pop with an explosion of guitars and vocals that will have the fans wanting more. The singer Stef has a softer voice with some explosion of attitude that makes you want to listen more. I love the female vocals, the raspy voice and the lyrics!

 City of the Weak was formed in 2012 but this is there first full length album.   The band is on the softer side of rock and more towards the pop side. A mix of rock/pop.

When I was listening to “Not At This Time” I could hear the bad ass sounds of her voice. She has spunk, talent, and I would have loved to hear a little more raspy tones and really kick it up a notch. I think she has it but they had her soften some of the songs up.

The first track, “Like I Do,” starts the album off strong with some great instrumentals, which Stef stepped right in and took over. The drums, bass, and guitar really put it all together.  I could hear a little tone that reminds me of my favorite female-fronted band. Another one that caught me was “Trust Nobody”. It had great energy and I think City of the Weak has great potential, and maybe with some more push and roughness in the songs, it could mix things up.

Listening to the last few songs they seemed to change it up a bit. A little techno, then the last song was all instrumental.

The whole album’s lyrics seemed to be about power, independence, and a little attitude.  I liked it!

I would say this would be one to add to your library. If you are into rock/pop and haven’t heard of City of Weak, I would definitely give them a listen.

City of the Weak members:

Stef w/ an F – Vocals

Brent Lindblad – Guitars

Cody Hoffman – Bass


Track list:

  1. Like I Do
  2. Trust nobody
  3. Glad You could make It
  4. Not This Time
  5. Censor This
  6. Ungrateful
  7. Drag Us Under
  8. Drop The Anchor
  9. Suffer Like Me
  10. Pulling Teeth.

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