The Flux Machine Releases “Run Away” Music Video From Debut Album “Louder!” (Out Now)

September 9, 2015New York, New York – Alternative Rock band The Flux Machine have released their “Run Away” music video from their debut album “Louder!” which is available now through iTunes. The video was shot and directed by Juanma F. Pozzo at Modulus Studios, New York, New York.

Watch The Flux Machine’s “Run Away” music video below:


The video completely encapsulates the essence and aggressiveness of this band. In your face and human. It’s the perfect manifestation of this kind of music. No gimmicks, straight-forward, balls to the wall rock.Luis Accorsi (Vocalist, The Flux Machine)

Purchase The Flux Machine’s “Louder!” on iTunes HERE.

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The Flux Machine - Louder  - Album Art

The Flux Machine – Louder

About The Flux Machine:

The Flux Machine is informed by an amalgamation of old school and punk/alternative/post hardcore music.

Louder!” their debut album demonstrates superb songwriting with an immediacy and angst that is contagious.

Conceived by Luis Accorsi and produced by Raphael Sepulveda, this duo has made 12, non-stop, power songs that are memorable. This record will be enjoyed by both the classic rock fans and the alternative wave.

The Flux Machine’sLouder!” is an excellent, fresh, and new alternative rock record with extremely high pop sensibilities.

Masterfully produced,with songs ranging from punk to country and blues influences, with incredibly powerful drums and guitars with a growler and an angel as vocalists.

Must give this a listen… loudly!!

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