Epic Mashup Artists, Rock Sugar, Launch new Kickstarter

Rock Sugar is Jess Harnell, Alexander Track, Ken Cain, and Chuck Duran

Rock Sugar, the greatest metal band to ever get stuck on a desert island. After 20 years with nothing but the music collection of a 13 year old girl, are back, and have a new album, but need our help to get it out there!

Fronted by veteran voice actor, Jess Harnell, known for his work on Animaniacs, Transformers, Rick and Morty, and more, the band have gotten off the desert island, and need our help to Kickstart their new record.

For the uninitiated, this is what the band is about. Heavy metal, and power pop. Journey meets Metallica? Why not!

Jess even took the time to speak with us about the band, and upcoming album a couple of years ago:

By now, you’re totally on board. So head on over to Kickstarter and pledge to get your totally bitchin’ awards, like digital downloads, facemasks (2020…amirite), or even the chance to party with the dudes themselves!


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