Planet Comicon Returns for its 24th Year

Captain Kirk standee at Planet Comicon. Photo by Josh Chaikin

It’s appropriate that RICHARD DREYFUSS was a special guest at Planet Comicon this year. With record breaking attendance for the convention, the organizers may well have said “We’re gonna need a bigger hall.” And certainly plans are being made to further utilize the space at Bartle Hall, and bring back the second grand hall for larger panels.

Each year, the Con focuses its attention on certain fandoms. This year, with three actors from the Star Trek universe (BRENT SPINER, JONATHAN FRAKES, and WILLIAM SHATNER), the theme was clear. But, with love of all things pop culture, Hollywood power couple, WILLIAM DANIELS and BONNIE BARTLETT, RICHARD DREYFUSS and JEREMY KRAMER, GIANCARLO ESPOSITO, and many more, there was something for everyone.

New also this year was “Nostalgia Alley”. Another section for celebrities who had some nostalgia for fans (though don’t they all?) Featuring DEBBE DUNNING from Home Improvement, MARGARET KERRY, who served as the model for Disney’s Tinkerbell, MARY GIBBS who voiced Boo in Pixar’s Monster’s Inc, and BRUCE THOMAS, the UPS guy from Legally Blonde.

While seeing the Celebrities is always fun. Getting an autograph at the table, or asking questions at their panel, there is so much to do. Vendors selling all things geek. Bottomless root beer. Comics, art, video games, t-shirts.

Entertainment options are also endless. An improvised space opera? Check. A live podcast recording? Got that. Magic shows? Yep. What about a pop culture roast battle, featuring local comedians? The Comedy Club of Kansas City has you covered for that, too.

The convention has come a long way since its time at the Overland Park Convention Center, to becoming the premiere, independent convention in the Midwest. With Planet Comicon celebrating 25 years in 2024, we can certainly expect a big show very soon.

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Words and Photos by Josh Chaikin

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