The View Powers Up Electric Ballroom

After releasing their 5th LP “Ropewalk” beginning of this month The View are back on tour in the UK. They hit the capital on a rainy autumn Wednesdaybut their fan base braved the weather and made the gig to a nearly sell out.

I arrived when the support act Electric Child House was just warming up. They are a great band but they couldn’t win the crowd as everyone was just waiting on The View to start.

When Kyle, Kieren, Pete and Steve finally entered the stage the crowd freaked out. The pogo started with the first tune and never stopped again. Even though the Scottish indie rockers have been on the scene for ten years it feels like the years have just passed by them. They know how to make the crowd happy, dropping a mix out of new songs with old and managed to create the same atmosphere like they already did years ago.

The crowd was unanimously loving it, screaming, “The View, The View, The View are on fire” between every song. And the band looked completely relaxed on stage. From cracking jokes with each other to Kyle chewing gum all the way through the set, the band certainly made themselves at home, and so did the crowd.

They ended the set with “Same Jeans” and left the audience happy but cheering for one more song. Perhaps this was for the best as everyone left with the same buzz as they arrived with.

Photos and review by Nici Eberl

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