Morgan Wade Ignites Ridglea Theater

As soon as we parked and headed towards Fort Worth’s historic Ridglea Theater you could see the line forming at the door anxiously waiting to enter. You could tell that everyone there was ready for an amazing night of incredible music and a phenomenal show. I think everyone has been waiting for this moment for a very long time to get to attend live music shows again. Once everyone started making their way through the doors and ticket tables many were walking around looking at places to post up for the night. Others were getting their seats located and then getting in line to grab some gear from the merch tables before they end up selling out. You could hear many conversations talking about how long they have been waiting to see a live show again and were so excited that it was the incredibly talented Morgan Wade. As it got closer to time for the show to start the fans began piling in and grabbing their positions in front of the stage to get the best view in the house.

As soon as the house lights went out you could see Morgan come from the side of the stage. She had her beautiful Gibson Hummingbird guitar strapped her and with an AC/DC shirt on ready to give us an incredible night of music. She kicked off the night with “Other Side” which is off of her debut album “Reckless” which was released in March of 2021 and has been performing great ever since its release. As soon as she played the first chord and sang the first words of the song people were pulling out their phones to take pictures and video to always be able to remember seeing her play live. Morgan immediately had the fan’s attention as soon as she kicked off her set. She sang many of her songs that are on her debut album like the song “Northern Air” and “Reckless” and were both received well with the audience applauding and whistling at the start of each of her songs. Morgan also sang some song from her Our Vinyl Sessions recording that was an amazing song as well. The song that she performed that you can find from that recording was “Stay” which was phenomenal to hear live. She also performed her song “Take Me Away” also on her debut album Reckless. As she was making her way through her songs she would stop and talk to the fans and interact with them, and once grabbed a drink of water and everyone cheered and whistled at her as she was dinking the water. As she sat down her water bottle, she laughed said oh you guys liked that when I get me a drink of water. She also shared a story from the road that day where she woke up and there was no coffee in her hotel room that was not decaf and that was all they gave her in the lobby, and there was also none ready in there either. So, she resorted to ordering it from an app and got the notification of it being delivered, however, it was delivered to a random gas station and nowhere close to where she was staying. Despite everything telling her that it was not her day she still showed up to play for us and put all that behind her and put it all on that stage for us and we witnessed an unforgettable performance from her that night. She played a few more of her songs one of which was “Mend”. Then closed out her set for the night with one of her hits “Wilder Days” that many people can relate to about alter egos and things that have been in the past.

As soon as she finished up that song and thanked the crowd, they began praising her with yells, whistles, and applause as she unplugged her guitar and walked off the stage. The fans began chanting for just one more song because they could not get enough of her singing her songs to them. People were just in awe at what an incredible performance they had just experienced and wanted more and could have listened to her all night. As we were gathering up all our senses and emotions that had just been turned inside out and upside down throughout her performance, I could hear many conversations about what they had just witnessed and experienced. I believe that many people could have just sat there and listened to her singing and stories all night long and not another care in the world. There were many just in shock and awe at how amazing of a person Morgan is. It is clear as to why there is so much talk and buzz in the music scene about this exciting songwriting singer. There is not a way to truly categorize her and what genre she belongs in. In many ways she is country, but she can also see the side of rock and punk rock in there. Morgan has been putting in some serious work for quite a while now and is finally starting to see it pay off and she leaves it all on the stage for her fans every time she performs. If you are not familiar with her or her music I would tell you to check her out because she is only getting better and going to continue to the top and she truly has something to listen to for everyone. Her fanbase is going to continue to grow and we will do everything we can to see her whenever we get the chance and recommend you too as well, you will not be disappointed.

Photos by Craig Youngblood
Words by Craig and Paula Youngblood

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