Two Door Cinema Club – October 6, 2016

Optimistic, giddy, goofy, relaxed, excited..HAPPY. This is how I felt while listening and watching Irish indie rockers, Two Door Cinema Club at Revention Music Center in Houston. The music flowed into my ears and seeped into my brain causing serotonin levels to increase better than 20 mg of Prozac a day can. Playing songs off of the Tourist History and Beacon albums as well as a few from upcoming album GAMESHOW, these guys definitely captivated a pretty large crowd of fans both young and old.

Those sitting in the balcony could be seen waving their hands in the air and clapping while those on the floor were showing their excitement by jumping up and down, hands in the air and even dancing. I saw younger fans at the stage yelling and laughing, huge smiles on their faces. Parents standing around the perimeter of the venue swaying back and forth to the music and clapping – not at all put out for having to take their kids to a concert. Couples in the back with arms around one another and one girl in a small group had a dance routine to almost every song. There was one thing that stood out to me though. Standing in the back of the venue with a full view of the stage and the outline of the crowd in front of me, I was amazed that every  song  Two Door Cinema Club played they had a backing choir. It sounded like every person in the venue knew every word and sang it at the top of their lungs. The guy next to me who was recording on his phone was just as well versed in the lyrics as those who were at the front of the stage.

I did not know all the words to every song – but seeing these guys live made me want to. With an awesome lightshow and 7 screens on stage showing clips of random things, including computer error messages – which made my inner nerd happy – it was easy to see why those in the crowd loved them and enjoyed being there. Plenty of upbeat beats and synths mixed with such a pure, soulful voice and driving but groovy guitars, each song can be listened to while dancing and jumping around or while lying down, hands behind your head looking up at the stars.

Two Door Cinema Club will be at Austin City Limits Festival in Austin, TX this weekend and their new album, GAMESHOW will be out next week on October 14th.


Alex Trimble’s soothing vocals make me want to watch them on an outside stage, laying on a blanket with a glass of wine in my hand and a plate of assorted cheeses next me – and I don’t even like wine!!


Opener, singer-songwriter Jack Garratt did a great job of getting the growing crowd excited with his “one-man band” show. Multi-instrumentalists always amaze me but pair that with such a strong voice full of so much feeling and my ears definitely perk up. He is someone you really want to watch out for – He will not be an opener for long!

Words and Photos by Christi Vest

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