Dimmur Borgir hits NYC Hard

When Dimmu Borgir released their new album, Eonian, back in May, it was met with a mixed reaction due to the group’s switch to folk-inspired music. The conceptual album is the band’s first album since 2010’s Abrahadabra. This tour is also celebrating Dimmu Borgir’s 25th Anniversary. To quote vocalist Shagarth “Eonian represents the illusion of time, everything that is and always has been. For us, DIMMU BORGIR and the album itself is a tribute to our own history and the Norwegian black metal history.” The North American dates were very few, but they served as a great way as a reintroduction to the stage.

What is being billed as the “Eonian North American Release Shows” are 4 dates starting in Las Vegas, NV, to Chicago, IL to Toronto Canada and its final show in New York City. Tonight’s event took place at Playstation Theater (yes there are free video games to be played) located at Times Square.

The 12 song set felt short, but that is mostly because the audience has been craving Dimmu Borgir for quite some time. Right out of the gate, blue lights illuminated the fog that wafted out onto the stage. This went on for 3 minutes. What appeared was the band was looking to create an eerie effect, however it came across more camp than anything else. This was an attempt to build up the tension, revealing the band after an 8-year hiatus.

The night started with the songs “The Unveiling” and “Interdimensional Summit,” the first two tracks from Eonian. However, when the band played material from the album, In Sorte Diaboli, the audience came alive. Song’s like “The Serpentine Offering” and “The Chosen Legacy” reminded the audience that they have not forgotten what made them popular. Even songs from Abrahadabra had the audience singing along. Songs such as “Dimmu Borgir” and “Getaways” reconfirmed that the new direction is still the same band we have grown to love since their debut in 1993. Many of the band’s stand out tracks (the more popular tracks from their back catalog) were chosen in what seemed a refresher course of the bands sound. This show could be considered a greatest hits package for Dimmu Borgir, but the audience will have to wait for another leg of North America.

Dimmu Borgir will continue the so-called reintroduction, headlining shows in Australia, Asia, and Europe. In early 2019 they will embark on a full headline tour.

This tour has been a long time coming. Since they are such a great live band, we look forward to hearing more of the new music. While many of their recorded material is perfect, it was great to see a more stripped down version of the live act. And judging by the audience reaction to this show, it is clear they want more.

Photos by Anya Svirskaya
Words by Sebastian Benedict Bjorn


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