Jake and the Jellyfish – Certainly Not “Dead Weight”

It was 5 o’clock in the afternoon on a Monday. Still famished from a weekend of drinking, I was on my way to get some cheese burgers when I got an e-mail about a new LP. The e-mail was titled ‘UK Punk/Folk/Reggae Jake and the Jellyfish Release ‘Dead Weight’ LP”. I rolled down the windows, turned the Bluetooth on, turned up the volume, and immediately fell in love. All the way from Leeds, UK “Jake & The Jellyfish” are on their way to become what they absolutely deserve to be: a hit. ‘Dead Weight’ was recorded by Kurt ‘The Hair’ Wood at Jam on Top Studios and produced by Kurt Wood, and Jake & The Jellyfish.

Jake and the Jellyfish have an amazing sound. For the past 48 hours, Jake and the Jellyfish’s new album “Dead Weight” has had me uplifted and nodding to the beat in the most public of places. I couldn’t help myself with the folk/reggae sound and the occasional brass, it’s a concoction for the inner punk inside of us. The hint of ska on the album accents the band’s sound in an incredible way. The lyrics captivate you enough to belt your voice right along, sober or not, the Jellyfish are just that fucking good.

Let’s not leave the violin out of this appraisal party. Rich (violin) knows exactly what he’s doing, and that’s drawing those hairs across his violin as if the folk gods commanded him. “Don’t Follow the Leader” is the best example of Rich’s ability to personalize Jake & The Jellyfishes sound. All jokes aside, when I heard “Don’t Follow the Leader,” the violin solos brought sweet tears to my eyes. That’s not all Rich has in store for us, with him on the violin, the rest of the album is overflowing with his talent.

“Jake & The Jellyfish” also have released a new music video for their single “23”. The song “23” can speak to any twenty-something who fears rejection. I must admit when I first opened the email about these guys, I did not expect the lyrics to be filled with such virtue. I am not afraid to call myself an idiot for thinking that, but I was dead wrong. Jake (vocals/guitar), Rich (guitar/violin), Caff (bass), and Steve (drums) deliver an array of talent on “Dead Weight”.

Jake and the Jellyfish have toured extensively in a beat up old post office van which makes their story even better! Since 2011 some exciting things have happened for the Jellyfish and 2015 is no different. The UK can stop bogarting these guy’s talent. This fall, the band will travel to the U.S. for their first appearance at Florida’s biggest punk event, ‘The Fest 14’. The band’s new album released on 6th April 2015. Pick up a copy, download, or order some precious vinyl to add to your “favorites” collection.

Review by Kyle “My Computer is in the Shop” Scranton


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