SLEEPKILLERS Debut Album Delivers

Jacksonville, Florida based hard rock group, or dare we say supergroup Sleepkillers recently released their self titled debut album on March 1. We were lucky enough to get our hands on an advance stream of the music to decide for ourselves if the tracks live up to the high expectations one would expect from a band comprised of members from previous groups that were and still are incredibly successful in their own right. Dare we use the term “Supergroup” for this band? Read on and find out.

Featuring Limp Bizkit bassist on bass and former Puddle of Mudd bassist Damien Starkey on vocal duties along with Bobby Amaru, vocalist of the band Saliva, on drums, with Adam Latiff, also ex-Puddle of Mudd, rounding out things on guitar. With a pedigree as strong as this comprising a band, we had very high exceptions heading into this review…and spoiler alert, we weren’t disappointed:

Sleepkillers brings a heavy dose of hard rock mixed with an alternative metal sound as the album dives right into its first song “Leftovers.” While listening to the song, one gets the feeling of the pressures that come along with notoriety, success and, of course, money. Moving into their second song on the album called “Dirty Foot”, this is no doubt one of strongest. A melodic chorus, paired with a driving guitar sound, in addition to the insane, guttural and howling vocal work of Starkey; this all sets the stage for a kick-ass combination that should definitely be on full radio station rotation. Closing out the 10 song album is the final track titled “Better Man.” This slow and somber tune definitely sets itself apart from the rest of the songs on the album. A slow and stripped down song, talking about past negative experiences and coming through them for the better with the help of someone. It’s something that most people today can probably relate to and it’s definitely worth a listen.

If you were lucky enough to have grown up in the 90’s and early 2000’s, you’ll totally hear the underlying riffs and tones of the alternative, hard rock music of that time. In my opinion, music of that period was some of the best and one of the reasons why it’s still so popular today is pretty simple: it’s just that good. However, this band does a great job of developing and maintaining a sound that is clearly their own.

Sleepkillers doesn’t seem to have forgotten the recipe that made their previous bands ultra successful over a decade ago, as it’s clear that they’ve incorporated that familiar sound of the 90’s, with a new twist that makes their music radio worthy in 2019. It all just works on this one.

After listening to this album, is Sleepkillers worthy of the “Supergroup” title or moniker? Hell yes! And their debut album definitely proves that. Don’t believe us? Download a copy and decide for yourself. You won’t regret it!


  1. Dirty Foot
  2. Leftovers
  3. Left For Dead
  4. Drown
  5. Hate Me
  6. End Of The Rope
  7. So Low
  8. Hogtied
  9. Facedown
  10. Better Man

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Words by Jordan Vittitow

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