Country Singer LEAH BLEVINS Shares New Single “Beautiful Disaster,” From New Album ‘First Time Feeling’ Out 8/6!

Recently the Kentucky born singer-songwriter named Leah Blevins released a new track off her debut full length album. The album First Time Feeling is going to be released for your listening pleasure on August 6th, 2021, by Thirty Tigers. She has recently released her latest single “Beautiful Disaster” that also has an accompanying video to go along with it. The video is a great simplistic video that is just Leah and her guitar singing her amazing song. Her debut album was produced by the incredibly talented Paul Cauthen and Beau Bedford of the Texas Gentleman. The album was recorded in Dallas, Texas at the Modern Electric Sound recording studio that I known for putting out some phenomenal albums and songs by many artists from all over. I know that this one will be included in that category as well and I for one cannot wait until it is released so that I can listen to it on repeat for quite a while.

            Leah Blevins was born in Sandy Hook, Kentucky and seems to have had a very interesting up bringing with her father being a state politician and her mother was a musician and church was very prominent in her young life. Leah wrote these songs with just herself and a guitar and once she was done and knew she had enough for a record she reached out to Paul Cauthen and asked him to help produce it. Since they shared a similar childhood that was flooded with gospel music and growing up in a church it just seemed like a great fit. Cauthen’s friend Beau Bedford that is from the iconic group the Texas Gentleman stepped in to help co-produce the record in the legendary Dallas studio Modern Electric Sound Recorders.

            As soon as the song “Beautiful Disaster” starts you hear Leah start to strum her acoustic guitar quickly followed by her unique and powerful voice. She immediately begins telling the story of a relationship gone wrong. It seems that her relationship was a long one and ended up on the wrong side of which she had hoped for which surely many people can relate to. Her lyrics talks about them growing apart and one growing cold and the other leaving and moving to another place to get away from everything. Even though she tries to get away from the situation it always hangs around because like she states misery loves company. Leah also says that they isolation has led her to be able to see herself completely and see that no one is truly to blame for the break-up. She then tells him that she is her beautiful disaster and still loves him and always will no matter what and that they whole situation is her beautiful disaster. It seems that she has written the anthem for most people that have put time into a relationship that did not end up the way that they had hoped. They also seem to always carry the baggage around with them from the broken relationship no matter how hard they try to move on. She seems to also identify with the part that she played in the breakup as well.

            This is the first song that I have been able to hear off her upcoming debut album and leaves me wanting to hear more. It seems that she has a way of talking about her life that runs through her head that many of us deal with daily. She also writes about her demons that haunt her and where she played a role in some of her own hard times. I think that this will be a favorite record for many people, and they will see themselves in many of her songs. I would recommend for everyone to give it a listen to see for themselves and go see her live show when she comes close to your town.

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