Steel Panther – Kansas City – Midland Theater

This is the big one, just in time for Christmas. There were no Christmas carols, 98.9 The Rock presenting A Twisted Xmas with Steel Panther, nobody seemed to mind.  Known for their outrageous stage antics, over the top costumes and 80’s hair, Steel Panther is far more than a parody band.

For some time, Steel Panther was relatively unknown outside of Los Angeles and Las Vegas, where they played weekly shows at The Viper Room and House of Blues Respectively, their album, Feel the Steel, released in 2009, helped catapult them to popularity. With such catchy songs as Death to all but MetalAsian Hooker and Stripper Girl, it’s no wonder that Steel Panther has found a global audience, from headlining at Rocklahoma to selling out a show in Norway.

A Steel Panther concert is like going to see Spinal Tap. If Spinal Tap wore spandex, and played hair metal.

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