Another Day Dawns “Stranger” EP Review

Hard rockers Another Day Dawns are due to release their new album “Stranger” on February 1st. First formed in 2010 with drummer Nick McGeehan and guitarist Tyler Ritter (both of Leighton, PA) the band did cover songs until they were joined by lead singer Dakota Sean. Sean put fuel into the band, and the 3 started catching the eyes of other bands. They worked hard to open for some pretty big acts such as God Smack, Fuel, and Seether. The band has a ton of energy, and it really shows in these tracks.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I first listened to them. When I finally decided to sit down, listen to the EP, and give it my attention, I was pleasantly surprised. Sean has this raspy, rough but amazing voice.  The EP started with their track “Beautiful Suicide” a nice mixture of rock and heavy metal, and it wasn’t too heavy for my taste. 

I went on to listen to “Am I” which had some amazing guitar riffs. It was one of my favorite songs to close my eyes and jam out to.  The band really comes together singing this vocally and instrumentally. 

When I started listening to “Taste of Heaven” I could have sworn I was listening to Daughtry. I couldn’t put my finger on Sean’s voice the first two songs. I think he has a mix of Daughtry and front man Shaun Morgan of Seether. The band really brought this song together effortlessly with the guitar riffs and drums.

Let’s talk about “Never Ok.” This song is so raw and emotional. I think this was a favorite for sure. The raw emotion and the chorus suck you in. I am a sucker for acoustic songs, but this one really pulled me in.  I definitely think a lot of people will relate to this song. Everyone at one time or another feels they can’t be themselves, and this one hit home for me. Everything really came together on this track with the vocals, instrumentals, and the band’s individuality; it for sure showed that they can go from heavy metal to a softer side of rock. I can see “Never Ok” being a major hit! 

Last but not least is “Forget Me Not.” This was the heaviest song of the EP. A good hardcore rock song.

I can say that a couple of these songs will be going on my playlist when they are released. I would for sure go see these guys in concert. 

Another Day Dawns brings some good rock and roll songs.  They have talent in their music and their writing. They have a great sound to them and I feel like this will be a good year for them! 

If you are in the area make sure to get tickets for their EP release show on February 1st.  Get tickets here:

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