Islander in Kansas City

When a band goes on the road, it’s common for there to be multiple supporting acts on the road, too. Sometimes, the supporting acts are on the bill, sometimes they’re unannounced, and other times, just as many people came out to see them as the headliner. While they were the first of four bands to take to the stage, Islander played to a sizable crowd at the Midland, on Thursday night.

Hailing from South Carolina, this hardcore band covered a lot of ground in their 30 minute set, from grunts, to more traditional vocals, with a dinosaur on guitar for good measure (seriously, check out the photos). Islander brought a lot of energy on the stage, and even a photographer (pulling one from the pit in front of them).

Though their sound was heavy, even Islander felt moved by the holiday spirit (this IS 98.9’s Twisted Christmas, after all), with Mikey leading an acapella version of We Wish You a Merry Christmas before closing out their set for the night.

Islander is currently signed to Victory Records, and have a new album out titled Violence & Destruction, and is available on

Islander is:

Mikey Carvajal – lead vocals
Chris Doot  – bass guitar
Eric Frazier – drums
J.R. Bareis – lead guitar

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