The early 21st century has seen the rediscovery of several rock acts from yesterday that never got their due back when they were recording and performing (artists such as Pentagram and Rodriguez immediately come to mind). And there is another overlooked ’70s group that should now finally get the attention it has long deserved: Kelakos.

Recording and working out of Ithaca, NY, Kelakos was composed of singer/guitarist George Michael Kelakos Haberstroh, guitarist Mark Sisson, bassist Lincoln Bloomfield, and drummer Carl Canedy. Kelakos issued its first single in 1976 and an 11-song album in September 1978, ‘Gone Are the Days,’ which sounds impressively on par with favorite cuts that classic rock radio stations have been playing for the past few decades.

And now, record collectors and musicologists will be able to hear the music of Kelakos, with the fully-remixed release of the 15-track disc, ‘Uncorked: Rare Tracks From A Vintage ’70s Band,’ which contains such standouts as “Gone Are the Days” and “How Did You Get So Crazy” (which were also released as a single way back when), “Boogie Bad Express” and the memorable “Frostbite Fantasy” as well as a never-before-released song, “In the Sun.”

And if one of the band members’ names sounds familiar, it should: Canedy is the long- time drummer for heavy metal vets The Rods, in addition to producing classic releases in the ’80s by such bands as Anthrax, Overkill, TT Quick, Exciter, and Possessed, among others, and a solo album “Headbanger” in 2014. And after reading the liner notes to ‘Uncorked,’ other names should pop up – keyboardist David Kent, who played with Hall & Oates; and engineers Alex Perialas, who went on to work with many of the same aforementioned standout metal acts that Canedy worked with; Tony Volante, who went on to engineer for several album artists including Donald Fagan and is now film and television re-recording mixer at Sound Lounge in NY; and Les Tyler, who became a top executive at DBX, Carillon Technology and THAT Corporation.

Lead singer and guitarist Haberstroh continued to write and record, building a prolific catalogue of original music. Sisson pursued his passion for electric guitars and became a sales professional, often contributing pedal steel tracks on Haberstroh’s recordings. Bloomfield went to Washington to pursue international relations in and out of government, performing charity concerts in recent years with a band including other officials and guitarist Jeff “Skunk” Baxter of Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan fame.

Now, music fans will finally hear what Kelakos was all about, with the release of ‘Uncorked: Rare Tracks From A Vintage ’70s Band.’


Boogie Bad Express
Funky Day
Gone Are The Days
Frostbite Fantasy
All You Need Is A Ticket
How Did You Get So Crazy
Lovin’ so Fine
Change Your Mind
Follow Your Dream
Persephone’s Poison
Till The Break Of Day
Break Of Day Coda
In The Sun
There’s A Feeling


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The story of Kelakos is about four musicians all determined to pursue their musical ambitions.  While the band did not achieve national prominence, they did succeed in supporting themselves for four years by appearing in clubs, schools and other venues, sharpening their talents through hundreds of performances.  Three of them joined forces as teenagers in Cohasset, Massachusetts.

When Mark Sisson moved to Cohasset from Seattle he had an electric guitar and joined with George Michael Kelakos Haberstroh, a talented singer who took up guitar once the first band was formed.  Lincoln Bloomfield Jr. had been, since grade school, a sousaphone player who took up electric bass.  George, Mark and Linc, with others on drums and keyboards, formed “Emergency Exit” during high school and college years, renamed “The Criminals” in the early 1970s.  They drew inspiration from the Beatles, Hendrix, Rundgren, Clapton, Allman Bros, Cobham, Zeppelin, The Who, Johnny Winter, CSNY, Grand Funk, Rhinosceros, Santana and many more influences, playing clubs and schools across New England and going full-time in 1974.

Carl Canedy grew up in upstate New York, developing his drumming skills and developing music industry connections in Ithaca, Elmira, Cortland, Corning and surrounding areas.  In 1974 Carl made his way to Boston, performing with a number of bands before meeting George, Mark and Linc.  Carl was an accomplished music professional and a songwriter as well, who shared the band’s ambitions to create their own musical legacy.

The band took the name Kelakos to honor George’s family heritage, and moved to New Jersey in late 1975 to play clubs throughout central New Jersey, the Jersey shore, New York and Long Island.  After a year the band relocated again, to Ithaca, New York, which was a lively hub for recording and performing musicians.  Ithaca became Kelakos’ base of operations for the next two years.  They took fifteen of their original songs into the studio from 1976-1978, producing a single – “There’s A Feeling” / “Funky Day” (1976) – and an album, “Gone Are The Days” (1978), from which the title track and “How Did You Get So Crazy” were also issued as a single.

The three engineers involved in this album all went on to significant accomplishments.  Les Tyler, who handled the two songs on the 1976 single, went on to run a number of audio technology companies including DBX.  Alex Perialas, now producer and owner of Pyramid Sound Studios in Ithaca, NY, and Associate Professor of Performance Studies at Ithaca College, produced several successful metal recordings in the 1980s.  Tony Volante engineered for Donald Fagan and has worked for top studios including Sound Lounge in NYC, where he now handles TV and movie post-production.

In 2013, the original 16-track 2-inch studio tapes were run onto separate digital audio files by SI Studios in Old Forge, PA.  Lincoln Bloomfield mixed the raw tracks into the 15 songs in this collection, which were then mastered by Blaine Misner at Cue Studios in Falls Church, VA.

This limited edition CD, with digipak album art by Eric Philippe including a 12-page information booklet, is available for purchase from CD Baby at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kelakos4.  The music is available on download and streaming services worldwide.

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