Tesla electrifies Kansas City

Though the name is more recognized as an electric car today, it also belongs to one of the biggest metal bands of the 80’s: Tesla, and they brought nearly two hours of classic, and new music to the Midland Theater, in Kansas City, on Tuesday night. While the  hairspray stayed behind, the hits certainly did not.

After an opening performance from NoMara, Tesla took to the stage at 9:00 PM (a concert starting on time? Blasphemy!) and from that moment on, they owned it, and made sure everyone in the near-sold-out crowd did as well. Though nearly 60, Jeff Keith sounds as good as you remember, and guitarist, Frank Hannon, dominates the stage with a youthful energy that younger musicians would be envious of; at one point, Frank leaped (read: cautiously stepped) into the crowd for a guitar solo, only for Jeff to fish him back on stage with his cable. Frank would later thank his chiropractor for being able to do that. It’s this sort of by-play between members of a band, and the audience, that makes for an enjoyable experience.

With a new album out, Simplicity, Tesla included tracks during their performance. Life is a River came early in the show, and if it wasn’t introduced as new material, it would be easy to mistake for a deep cut. Sometimes when older bands release new material, they try to adapt to modern sound; Tesla did what Tesla does best, and that’s making solid rock music.


  1. MP3
  2. Edison’s Medicine (Man Out of Time)
  3. I Wanna Live
  4. Hang Tough
  5. So Divine…
  6. Heaven’s Trail (No Way Out)
  7. Mama’s Fool
  8. Life Is a River
  9. The Way It Is
  10. What You Give
  11. Signs
  12. Love Song
  13. Break of Dawn
  14. Gettin’ Better
  15. Modern Day Cowboy
  16. Little Suzi


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