The Kills – Milwaukee, WI

The Kills made a stop in Milwaukee, WI at the well-known Rave/Eagles Club on their 2016 headlining tour. I have been a fan of Queens of the Stone Age and Garbage for quite some time but The Kills never quite made it into my playlist. The set gave everyone a great taste of the new and the old while giving an idea as to what is next for them. I did a little bit of listening before the show and my favorites before the show are even more so now because of how well they were played live. Impossible Tracks has this riff to it that reminded me a little bit more of my favorites in punk music but kept its pace in the rock genre. The Kills kept their stage set up simple and in my opinion was perfect. The stage was open enough for Alison so move and allowed for great crowd interaction. I sometimes feel with some of the new bands spend so much time and money on lighting when the same effect can be brought with a good lighting engineer. The lights were in perfect sync and really added to every song.

Photos and words by Allison Hade

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