Pop Evil – Twisted Christmas

With what has become a tradition in Kansas City, the week before Christmas, Pop Evil, along with Islander, Otherwise, and Nothing More, put on a show that lasted until the early morning. Though they were in Kansas City earlier this year at Rockfest, and Uproar, Pop Evil played to the sold out Midland Theater.

Launching their set with Deal with the Devil, Pop Evil took us down a dark road with them, playing their heavy rock along the way, like some minstrels of the dark. The lighting throughout the set was highly appropriate for the mood, casting dark reds on the band throughout most all of their time on stage; either that, or someone forgot to pay the electric bill. But, atmosphere is only part of the show, with the rest being about the music, as it should be.

Pop Evil is:

Vocals: Leigh Kakaty
Guitar: Davey Grahs
Guitar: Nick Fuelling
Drums: Chachi Riot
Bass: Matt DiRito

(For more photos of Pop Evil, please visit my Rockstar Uproar page here)

Set List
Deal with the Devil

Behind Closed Doors
Somebody Like You
100 in a 55
Monster You Made
Boss’s Daughter
Last Man Standing
Goodbye My Friend
Sick Sense
Torn to Pieces

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