The End of a Run – Uncle Lucius

As we approached the venue for what we knew could be the last time we got to see Uncle Lucius play live again, we took notice of the parking and crowd situation. We all noticed that it was more crowded than it usually was for one of their shows, because they had built a loyal following, and many wanted to be there for their last “hurrah”..

In a September 11 post on Facebook, from lead singer, Kevin Galloway, stated that the band would be parting ways and their last show would be in March of 2018. He also said that they had been together for 12 years, and made 4 studio albums, and it was time for them to go their separate ways. The statement received over four hundred comments and over seven hundred reactions from their fans. It seems that all their fans were wanting to try and make it to at least one more of their shows before they call it quits.

Entering the venue, we all knew that we were going to get a great show no matter what was going on in the background, and we were excited, and filled anticipation moments before the band took the stage.

As the band started to play you could see the joy and excitement on every fan’s face that was in attendance that night. At the venue, Lola’s Trailer Park in Fort Worth, Texas, there’s have a large piece of concrete in front of all the seating areas that makes for a great dance floor for all the fans that want to dance at the shows, and it was put to good use that night.

As Uncle. Lucius got deeper into their setlist, and sang some of their radio singles like “Keep the Wolves Away” and “Don’t Own the Right” the dance floor started to disappear and became a standing room area only.

After they played the last song of the set, and began exiting the stage, no one in the crowd moved. They all waited, and started clapping and chanting “Uncle Lucius!” over and over wanting, waiting, and hoping for an encore. After a few minutes went by, which felt like more than a few minutes to all of us, the band re-appeared and took the stage once again. As the band finished the encore they told everyone that they loved them and hoped to see them at another show sometime soon.

If they are in your area and you get a chance to see them before the end of their run you will not be disappointed.


Words and Photos by Craig Youngblood

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