Stoney Curtis Band makes it in time to perform for Crown Point, Indiana

Even with delayed and cancelled flights, The Stoney Curtis Band was going to make it to Crown point to perform come hell or high water. They had a rough trip here, but it was worth it for them to be back in the Chicagoland area!

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Stoney since he was a kid, so knowing he was coming in town was a must for me to see him. Despite having no gear for this show, I was still able to get some shots with my point and shoot, and I was able talk to the band after the concert.

Growing up, Stoney loved playing the guitar and listening to KISS. Stoney grew up listening to rock and roll, and his biggest influences were KISS, Robin Trower, Jimi Hendrix, UFO, and Stevie Ray.

Over the years, Stoney fell in love with the blues and stuck with it. He debuted as a blues artist in 2005 and has been on that path ever since. The Stoney Curtis Band’s electric blues is something you can really get in to. You feel the music all the way down to your soul. Their performance is one to see. You can tell that Stoney and his band mates really feel it, too. Barry Barnes is an excellent bass player, and he had quite a few moments of jamming out. The drummer, Shon McKee, is a natural and really showed his talents as well. Each member sure put on their own performances, and together it was a good night! The audience loved them.

My favorite songs of the night were “When the Sweet Turns to Sour” and “Blues Without You”. I am a sucker for some major guitar riffs. “The Last Train to Chicago” is one Stoney put his heart and soul into every chord played.

The Stoney Curtis band has a new album and documentary in the works. When asked where his favorite city to play Stoney said “Chicago of course!” even though they’ve toured all over the USA, Europe, and the UK. If you haven’t heard of them or given them a listen, then you should! Also catch them playing some rock and roll in Count’s 77. Stoney Curtis Band and Count 77 are both out touring now.

Words and Photos by Diane Marie

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