Lindsey Stirling brings Holiday Magic

Lindsey Stirling performing in Topeka KS. Photo by Josh Chaikin

Christmas is a festive time for many. Family, friends, hot chocolate, and music you get side-eyed if you listen to in July. Thankfully, Lindsey rolled into town on December 1st, helping us to really kick off the Holiday season. Lindsey, clearly thrilled to be performing, also noted that they saw their first snow of the season in Topeka.

The Snow Waltz tour, named after her 2022 holiday album, shows Lindsey’s love for the Christmas season. Though very religious, her love of the holiday transcends her faith. As part of this season of giving, $1 from every ticket sold on the “Snow Waltz” tour, and 10% of merchandise sold, goes to Stirling’s Upside Fund charity. The charity, launched in April 2020, assists people struggling with medical bills; to date, the charity has wiped out $5 million in medical debt, offering much-needed relief to those in need.

No stop in Kansas would be complete without Lindsey recounting her experience at Starlight Theater, when the lift she was on mid-show broke, leaving her stranded. So, there’s much more than music, and dancing to be had. Tour Manager, Erich Jackson, appeared onstage throughout the night, dressed as a Christmas Tree, occasionally holding up a “Help me!” sign to the crowd, much to the delight of all in attendance.

And the dancing. Oh, the dancing! Lindsey and her troupe of four dancers put on incredible choreography, with seemingly new costumes between each song. Aerial hoops. Pirate ship races. (Yes, you read that right) All enter into a Lindsey Stirling performance. Auditions were even held, where some lucky men in the audience got to try their hand on stage…and TikTok.

During Lindsey’s time on America’s Got Talent, there was concern from the judges (OK…Piers Morgan) that she wasn’t “good enough to go flying through the air, and trying to play the violin at the same time” or that the violin itself could sustain a full concert. Well, 6 albums, and multiple sold out tours has certainly shown him wrong.

Lindsey’s humility shines through when she performs, and isn’t afraid to make herself vulnerable with the anecdotes that she shares. Her love of the music is clear, as is her love of dance; more importantly, it’s her love of her fans that really shines through.

There’s plenty of options for holiday music this season, but Lindsey Stirling’s Snow Waltz tour is one that the whole family can enjoy. Wear your ugly Christmas sweater.

Words and Photos by Josh Chaikin

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