Counterparts, Can’t Swim, Chamber & Static Dress – Rock City Beta, Nottingham – 14.02.20

It’s February 14th, and what better place to spend Valentine’s day than in a compact room full of sweaty peers? Tonight’s bill is a veritable feast, from heavy moshable break downs to sing-along-at-the-top-of-your-voices pop punk.

First up are newbies Static Dress. They may have only released their debut single ‘Clean’ last August, but they sound straight out of 2003 with their own brand of nostalgic post hardcore. The band play a short but sweet set, be sure to check out single ‘Adaptive Taste’ and intermission ‘DSC_301’ if you are craving the good old days.

Next up are Nashville hardcore outfit Chamber, who pummel their way through the half hour on stage with chunky but technical riffs and guttural vocals. Stand out songs such as ‘Replacing Every Weakness’ and ‘Every Blade’ bring different flavours to what could definitely not be described as just an average hardcore band. The former is laden with mathy riffs, while the latter opens with an old school metal sound, taking us on an ear shattering journey in just over two minutes. You can’t not nod your head.

The room fills up as more people arrive at tonight’s sold out show. Main support Can’t Swim get the crowd moving and singing with their catchy emo punk sound. It’s a breath of fresh air in the middle of a monstrously metal line up. ‘Sometimes You Meet The Right People At The Wrong Times’ is shouted back at the band, while ‘Power’ – a new cut off latest ep Foreign Language- brings the more punky anti establishment vibes.

As headliners Counterparts take to the stage with opening song ‘Love Me’ the whole crowd surges forward. The small room means no barriers, so as the set progresses there are those that cling to the floor monitors at the front screaming every word, and those that open up the pit in the back. The band storm their way through a choice cut of songs from their entire back catalog. From newer releases like ‘Wings of Nightmares’ to set finale ‘The Disconnect’, they never falter – even with drummer Kyle Brownlee ill – Counterparts power through.

As the night draws to a close there is a sense of camaraderie that only music can bring, because what better place is there to spend a Friday night, than with people who love to mosh and have a good time?

Words and Photos by Carrie-Anne Pollard

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