Interview with Waylon Reavis (A Killer’s Confession)

1) A Killer’s Confession, where did the name derive  and what’s
the meaning behind it ?
The name came from the song because we were going to call the band Unbroken but other groups already had the name.
2) How long has this project been going on and how did it come about?
We have been together since last September. We lucked up and found each other. 
3)  You’re the most recognizable face of the band…Who are you currently playing with and how did you come to meet them?
I met Matt Trumpy, Jon Dale, and Paul Elliot through the internet. I’ve know JP Cross my whole musical career and had work in previous projects with him.
4) UNBROKEN is scheduled for May 12th release. It must feel exciting to have the album coming out so soon. What can you tell me about it?
The album was released digitally on April 28th and will be in brick & mortar stores on May 12th.   We are excited about it, it is a fast paced.
5) What does this record mean to you?
It is a testament to where I have been and where I am going.
6) What are your personal favorite tracks on this album ? 
I love all of them but if I was to make a favorite it would be Rebirth.
7) Which songs were the difficult ones to work on?
None of the songs were difficult to work on. This was the easiest  album to write I’ve ever worked on.
8) How much input did your members have on this record ?
The guys did the music and I did the vocals. We gave each other freedom to do what we wanted.
9) Too soon to ask, but when do you see yourself working on new material 
We have already started and are about 7 songs into the next album
10) Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions wish you all the best for the new release…. What is your message to your fans ?
Thanks for doing the interview. To our fans, we love ’em and they kick ass.  Check out UNBROKEN, come out and see us tour. 
Interview by Anya Svirskaya

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