Interview with Heath Fields of SHALLOW SIDE

Anya :  You have released you new six track EP can you tell me a little bit about the release?

Heath Fields : We have released our new EP titled “ONE” and are currently on a vigorous tour cycle supporting the new release. It is a little different from our previous two releases, I feel like we capture our southern roots a little more in this EP, which is something we wanted to do going into the studio.

Anya : What is your favorite track on the EP and why?

Heath Fields: Picking a favorite song is a tricky thing to do. It would be like picking a favorite child, I assume, but I don’t have any children yet. With that being said, I would pick the child with the best genetics, the most handsome, athletic, and the one with the best jaw line. If you translated that over to song speak, that would be our 3rd single release from the EP “Can You Hear Me”.

Anya : Which track was the most challenging to write/record?

Heath Fields :Renegade was probably the toughest song to track simply because it is already a hit song. We had never recorded a cover song until we did Renegade, so the tracking process and rewriting and arrangements were a little tricky, but I feel like it came together nicely.

Anya :  Were there any songs recorded that were not included in the EP, if so will they be used for future releases?

Heath Fields : We do have some songs in the arsenal that we didn’t put on this EP because they were not cohesive with the other songs. There is a 50% chance they might surface at a later date, so it is a definite maybe.

Anya :   How has coming from Alabama influenced your music?

Heath Fields : Alabama has a rich tradition in music history with The Swampers and Muscle Shoals and all that, so it definitely still runs deep in the roots of musicians from Alabama. It’s almost like Soul is a must when it comes to Music from Alabama musicians.

Anya :  How is the music scene in Alabama was it challenging when the band formed?

Heath Fields : It was extremely challenging. There basically was not a music scene so we had to start from the ground up. It took a long time and was a lot of hard work building a scene but it is also very fulfilling to see it all come together for our home town shows such as the last one, our CD Release Show, where 1,000 people show up and blow the roof off the place!

Anya : Are there any plans to record a full length album?

Heath Fields :Yes we do have plans to do a full length release on our next one. We don’t have a date yet, but we have plans in the works to make it happen.

Anya :   What message do you have to your fans

Heath Fields : Don’t be scared to shoot for the stars. It’s not about how many times you get knocked down, but how you get up and dust yourself off.

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