Cradle of Filth Returns to the Heartland

Dani Filth performing with Cradle of Filth at the Uptown Theater, in Kansas City. Photo by Josh Chaikin

Wednesday night brought more Metal Mayhem to Kansas City (I apologize for no puns), with a visit from CRADLE OF FILTH, who was on tour supporting DANZIG (who, due to the nature of media policies, will not be appearing in this article). It was great to see the band in Kansas City again, as they have not been since 2007, when they played at now closed Beaumont Club.

The tour marked the first outing with new members Donny Burbage, and Zoe Federoff, on guitar and keyboards, respectively. Their ease on stage, and chemistry with Marek, Daniel, and Dani, would have you believe they’ve been members for years.

CRADLE kicked things off with Existential Terror off of their latest album, Existence is Futile. Soaring guitar harmonies, punctuated by thundering bass and drum, CRADLE means business. The lyrics, a bleak prophecy of doom, expertly sung by Dani Filth. His throaty growls give the perfect voice to the lyrics of doom.

Existential terror
Bleak winds blow storm-crow scarers
The world is a slippery reef
Encircled by beasts of the wing
‘Neath an eclipse

The production for CRADLE OF FILTH was nearly perfect. With a macabre backdrop, plenty of blue and green lighting, with a crowned skeleton, front and center. Perhaps King Chaos himself. It set the mood perfectly, and Dani entranced us all.

When ready for the first single off of Existence, Dani asked for the biggest pit of the night. And while one did crop up, it did quickly die out, save a few enthusiastic fans bouncing, and pumping their fists to the tale of Crawling King Chaos.

When the haunting chorals of Nymphetamine blasted through the house, the audience had their strongest response of the night. The lilting soprano of Zoe, and growls of Dani, created a haunting duet, that lead us through the dance macabre, for the terrifying beauty of love, ended by death.

Though CRADLE OF FILTH was not headlining this tour, they are certainly worth the price of admission, and since I have not seen them when they came through town before, I’m certainly glad to have had this opportunity.

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Words and Photos by Josh Chaikin

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