Sabaton Takes NYC by Storm

Sweden’s power metal band Sabaton has developed  a reputation over the last couple of years that only a few bands can laid claim. Which is to steal the thunder from its headliners. But now they are headliners! Many of the Sabatonian’s in North America have been waiting for this to happen.

Sabaton are currently on the road in support of their latest record , The Last Stand . The band’s commanding officer Joakim Brodén lead the charge buy detonating a powerful setlist in the heart of NYC at Times Square. The battle zone Playstation Theater, where just six years ago they made their first US debut as the supporting band for Accept when the venue was under a different name.

  The Sabatonion Army was amped and came locked and loaded. During the 18 song set we had the honor of listening to tracks such as  “Blood  of bannockburn, “ The Last Stand “ and three other tracks from the latest opus that was released in August of last year. The band sounded very  invigorating despite a lineup change in July of last year. The newest member Tommy Johansson did the classic songs justice. “ Primo Victoria “ was spot on and of course the band hit single “Carolus rex Rex” was the crowd pleaser still. It is safe to say this song is the equivalent to what “Ace of Spades” was for the late great band Motorhead.

 Many bands within this genre tend to get lost in the shuffle and one might wonder what is in the future with Sabaton? They have been maintaining the drive and energy and tonight they have displayed it well. With a stage set up that is reminiscent of Eric Carr’s Tank Drum Kit , these soldiers  of metal remind the audience while they do have a historical knowledge within the lyrics, but it’s is still about the metal and it has remained the top priority. We the fans are hoping for a musical growth for Joakim and his platoon. Perhaps a shake up may be needed like what Iron Maiden did with “ Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.  

 As of this writing the band will perform throughout the rest of North America for the entire month of May. Check you local listings. They will be busy in the Summer during the festival season; which wraps up in August at the Sabaton Open Air! Until then we will be gearing up for hopefully talks of a new record.

Words by Sebastian Bjorn Benedict
Photos by Anya Svirskaya

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