Andy Frasco and the UN – Crossroads KC

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Grinders has the best pizza in Kansas City. I don’t say this because I have a new advertiser, and it’s not a shameless attempt to get free food (unless Stretch happens to be reading this…) but because, during the summer, Grinders turns into one of the city’s most energizing live music venues. Located in the heart of Kansas City, the Crossroads is Kansas City’s art district. Filled with lofts, and robots (you read that right), it’s an oddly appropriate place to take in live music. An appreciable crowd filled the back deck, and lawn areas, for Andy, and his supporting acts, Mouth & the Mike Dillon Band, who put on a set that went well into the night.

Hailing from Los Angeles, and playing what is described, according to his Facebook page, as a “party Blues,”  and touring under what was called the Wakarusa pre-party. Andy and his band hit the stage running (in place), and dancing (barefoot) in a high-energy display that makes me wonder how they still had the stamina to perform after that. All this while playing some pretty good music to boot.

Because Crossroads KC is mostly a restaurant, and not a live music venue, the lighting can be a little bit tricky sometimes, which is more of a nuisance for a photographer than the crowd. The sound was loud and clear though, and the UN’s high energy party blues could be heard from blocks away. Though this is Andy’s first major tour, after being signed, he clearly already has a strong following, and if last night’s performance was any indication of things to come, Andy Frasco & the UN can easily become one of today’s top acts.

For more information about Andy Frasco & the UN, Mouth, The Mike Dillon Band; or for an upcoming list of concerts at Crossroads KC, please visit the links below:


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