Josh Ward: The Return of Real Country Music

It seems that for years I have heard country music lovers from all over ask what has happened to their music that they grew up with and loved so much. I have also heard them talk about how they are tired of all this new age pop country or country that is mixed with rap almost everyone is playing on the radio these days. Fans have been saying that they would love to hear the sounds of real country music that they grew up on and loved so much. This is because of all of their memories they have of listening to it and they have often wondered where it has gone. I’m here to tell you that this last weekend on Veteran’s day I found it at the Roundup Outdoor music venue in the Heart of Texas in Boerne.

This is where I heard a real country artist perform and his name is Josh Ward. As soon as Josh and his band hit the stage and began to play the chords of their first song I could tell that I had found where some real country music was. He sang some of the great country music that most people grew up on like George Jones and Merle Haggard. He also sang many of his own songs that had that same great real country music feel and sound.
Josh even shared some of his new music that will be out on his new record that will be released in the spring of 2018. Josh followed some of his new songs up by having the crowd participate when he told them he was going to slow it down a little bit for them. He then told everyone to grab a hold of their neighbor while he sang the title track to his last album “Holding me Together”. After Josh finished this song he had everyone remove their covers and gave a great speech about all the soldiers that have and are fighting to defend our freedom on this Veterans Day.

Josh then took the crowd back to the 1980’s when he covered the great Keith Whitley tune named “Miami My Amy”, which was followed up by another great original song named “Whiskey and Whitley”. Then to close out the set Josh sang “You Don’t Have to be Lonely”. Josh Ward has two back to back number one songs on Texas radio. I think that you are going to want to remember the name Josh Ward because you’ll definitely be hearing about him and his music for many years to come. Josh is going to continue to put out great real country music and continue to grow his followers and fan base.

I think that I found the answer to the question George Jones sang about which was “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes?”. I believe that one part of the answer to this question is Josh Ward. Here is some of the pictures that we were able to get while we were at the show Saturday night, and if you haven’t checked him out yet do yourself a favor and go buy some of his albums and see ones of his shows when he is close to your town!

Article and Photos By:
Craig & Paula Youngblood
Western Soul Photography

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