Sumo Cyco Storms through Dallas Texas

It was a cold and rainy winter night as I approached the Gas Monkey Bar and Grill where Sumo Cyco was going to perform tonight. I knew that they were going to give us an incredible night of some punk rock music mixed with some hard-core guitar riffs and rhythms that you would hear in a dance club with an incredibly talented female vocalist. As I approached the entrance to the venue you could see people lined up at the door dressed in all black with some of them wearing their battle vests with patches from their favorite bands displayed on them. You could also see the punk rock element where they were wearing leather jackets with spikes all over them and colored hair everywhere you looked. I could tell right away this was going to be an incredible show even though it was a cold inclement Tuesday night is Dallas, Texas.

The first band up of the night was Texas metal band The Crowned that was happy to have this show in their home state where they could see many of their friends and family in attendance that night. The band took the stage and the crowd erupted with appreciation to get this night started on this cold night where you could see people huddled together and standing by the heaters trying to stay warm. As soon as the Drummer which is also the front man of the band kicked off the first notes of the evening then all at once the multitude of fans started moving towards the stage and began jumping around to the music. The whole band had so much energy despite the cold rainy storm that was going on all around them.  The Crowned really set the tone for the rest of the show and got the fans ready to continue the party on into the night regardless of the weather around them.

After the first band and crew members removed their gear from the stage you could feel the anticipation in the air for the show to go on and Sumo Cyco would be taking the stage to continue this incredible night of music. Finally, Sumo Cyco starting taking the stage and the crowd began to move to the front of the stage away from all the heaters where they were huddled together trying to stay thawed out. As soon as they kicked off their show you knew that they were going to bring the heat to the stage on this cold and rainy night. If you look up Sumo Cyco on their Facebook page you see that they say they are a four piece Canadian rock gang that brings rhythm and riots with them. I would have to say that statement is true but not enough is said there as this night they brought so much more to the stage with insane amounts of energy from every member of band and the music sounds amazing with every song. As soon as the rest of the band took the stage Sumo Cyco’s vocalist Skye came out from the side of the stage. They kicked off the night with “Love you Wrong”  that premiered in 2019 as a single and is a very upbeat and rocking song where you could tell this was going to be an incredible set full of energy and movement all over the stage from the band. Before the second song “Fighter” Skye started singing the opening chorus and was immediately followed by their incredible drummer Matt Trozzi with his thunderous hits on the drums and then the guitar riffs from Matt “MD13” Drake joined in on the song and the band started moving even more to the beat of the songs. During this song Skye decided to get down in the crowd and interact with them and was singing walking around meeting all the fans that braved the weather to see this show. She got back on the stage towards the end of the song and Matt started hitting the guitar riffs to the opening of the song “Sleep Tight” followed with the deep bass tones from Oscar Anesetti keeping the low end on point and you could feel with song with all of your being. Following the astonishing open riffs from these guys Skye start performing her speaking part of the intro talking to the crowd and you could see all the fans hanging onto every word that she was saying to them and as she finished her part and the band erupted into the remainder of this song jumping and running all over the stage standing on the risers. As they were finishing their third song Skye asked Matt Drake what he thought of Dallas and the crowd that was there and began talking to the crowd and said we were doing good, but it was time to turn it up a notch. Skye and Matt asked if we were ready to get a little more action and said they wanted to see everyone jumping in the air as they play the next song. As soon as they hit the opening riffs of the song all at once everyone started jumping and moving around as they performed their cover of the Static-X song “B.Y.O.B” and this really got the energy going even more in the venue. They Continued to obliterate all our senses with their show from their stage performance and presence to how incredible the whole band sounded playing together paired with an incredible Vocalist who has a very wide range and get sing and growl from lyric to lyric. Sumo Cyco finished off their set with an incredible song “Move Mountains” that will get you up and moving all around to the beat and rhythm of the song.

            This was such an incredible live show and I would say that when you see them in your town or even close to your town you should go check them out and you will not be disappointed as you can tell they leave everything they have on that stage night after night for all of their fans. This is a band that is not only incredible on the stage they went and worked the crowd and talked to all their fans old and new and signed autographs and took pictures and were very humble. I will definitely be taking in another one of their shows when they make their way back to Texas on their next tour.

Their Set list for the Night was:

Love you wrong


Sleep tight

BYOB cover


Free yourself

Move mountains

Words and Photos by Craig and Paula Youngblood

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