Samantha Fish and Sara Morgan Packs Big Dudes in Kansas City

Kansas City is known for a few things: barbecue, the World Series Champion Royals, and blues music. Kansas City enjoys a rich history steeped in the jazz and blues, which continues today.

Samantha Fish, grew up listening to the blues musicians who came through Kansas City, playing at Knuckleheads Saloon, before she would soon be playing there herself, and at blues festivals around the country, and around the world.

Due to her busy touring schedule, Samantha has not had as many hometown shows as of late; but on March 12, she played a rare show, at Big Dude’s Music City, in the heart of downtown, as part of their 40th anniversary celebration. More than 100 people crowded into the family-owned music store for the afternoon show.

With a new album to be released, Samantha treated us to some live performances of the yet-to-be-released tracks, with fellow Kansas City crooner, Sara Morgan, joining her onstage. All Samantha asked was that any video shot not go onto YouTube.

With sultry vocals, and fiery guitar licks, Samantha easily runs the along music spectrum, sometimes within the same song.


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