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Josh Chaikin – Big Cheese/Principal Photographer

Josh has a camera and sort of knows how to use it; sometimes he gets lucky, and actually gets things in focus.  He also used to be a professional magician, and has earned himself the nickname “magic man” with venue security. His photography has been featured in M.U.M. the official magazine for the Society of American Magicians. When not in the entertainment industry, Josh busies himself in corporate America, fixing computers, and wondering how so many people manage to spill coffee on them.

josh [at] photosfromthepit.com

Kyle “Speedy” Scranton- Word Jockey (Retired)

Kyle has no bio. Seriously, it’s like a medical condition or something.

Dallas Hessel – Word Monkey 

Dallas is a former guitarist for a shitty metalcore band in Kansas City, and still enjoys playing guitar, and drums, but more to annoy his wife and pets. At the shows, he kind of just wanders around, and scribbles in a notepad. He might actually be illiterate. If the reviews were about the venue bars rather than the shows, his content would probably be better.

 Carrie-Anne Pollard – European Correspondent

Carrie-Anne really likes music, and really likes photos, so she found a way to combine them both. She also really likes tea (English, duh!) but hasn’t quite figured out how to integrate that love into the industry yet (it’s an ongoing work in progress)…but, fortunately, the mountain of Yorkshire tea certainly does have its use during the editing process!


Nici Eberl European Correspondent

Nici writes stuff and shoots bands, but in the U.K.


Christi Vest – Contributor

Ex-Singer, Ex-Corporate Whore turned full-time mommy by day, and concert/portrait photographer by night. Her superpower is blinding enemies with her extremely white legs, shooting shows, and making sure she get home in time to make breakfast, lunch, or dinner. She is a proud Texan who hates the heat, dislikes the rodeo, and will never wear cowboy boots – go figure.  She never thought anything could be more exciting and more of an adrenaline rush than when she was onstage singing..then she shot my first band.

Joel Barrios Contributor

Joel is a Miami based software developer, website designer, and photographer originally from Havana Cuba, who also happens to be a music lover. When he first picked up a camera, he found something he always felt was missing in his life – a creative outlet to express himself in ways other than using words. On his own words: “We live on an extraordinary planet, an entire world full of unique people and cultures, filled with epic landscapes and stunning architecture. Is through photography we can render those fleeting images permanent and makes memories tangible. Photography is definitely something of a magical invention — it’s an art form”.

He enjoys many types of photography, and is constantly trying to educate himself. His passion for music has driven him into concert photojournalism, but he looks way beyond that. Joel has a great eye for details, capturing the moments you might have missed even if you were at the show, his photographs will make you feel like you were part of the audience.

His shots have graced countless online articles, as part of his press and photo coverage for music festivals like Cruise to the Edge 2015, RoSfest 2016, Morsefest 2016 and ProgPower 2016 to name a few. His work has been also featured in the prestigious UK magazine Prog. Joel also frequently writes concerts and albums reviews for several web-magazines like Rock at Night, Photos from the Pit, Sonic Perspectives, and The Prog Report.


Richard Bolwell – European Correspondent  (Retired)

Richard is a freelance concert photographer based in the UK. Richard shoots for many publications, agents, management, venues and directly for artists and bands themselves.

Working in the hospitality industry from leaving college until his early 30s and having little time to enjoy the music he loved, Richard grew increasingly frustrated at the lack of opportunity to see bands perform live. Richard bit the bullet and jumped head first in to the industry.

Photography for Richard, was a relatively recent discovery and it was through another musically related project that he purchased his first DSLR.  Over the past few years Richard has honed his craft in this challenging field and now enjoys traveling the country visiting many a town a many a venue.

Along the way Richard has delved many relationships and met many people he now call friends. Richard enjoys nothing more than travelling the length and breadth of the country photographing the music he loves. Have camera, will travel!


Anya Svriskaya – Contributor

Anya shoots bands in NYC.

Jordan Vittitow – Contributor

Jordan is a freelance lifestyle and concert photographer based out of the Nashville, TN area.  Over the years he has been fortunate to have provided material to, and have worked with, many artists and brands ranging from Weezer to Dwight Yoakam, in addition to covering events for Journeys Shoe Co. and The Kentucky Derby, while also having photos and material used by The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and The Rolling Stone Magazine.  

In his free time, Jordan enjoys working on antique motorcycles, listening to music on vinyl records and spending time with his son, Kaden, and his better half, Brandi.  While photography isn’t a full-time gig, Jordan spends most days at his day job for General Motors, overseeing the production and painting of Corvettes at their production facility in Bowling Green, KY.

You can check out some of Jordan’s more recent work over on his website located here:


Allison Hade – Contributor

Allison likes to knit scarves, and work in digital marketing when she isn’t keeping herself busy reviewing, and photographing shows that are in Milwaukee, WI. Through expanding her photography skills outside of concerts, she has gained many skills, one of the most important is how to fold paper boats.

Diane Marie – Diane Marie (AKA @camera_chick7) is a graduate from Indiana University. Diane loves to do a variety of photography. When she started shooting again, she realized that she was in love with it, and that photography was what was missing from her life. She continues to learn and says, “I am a work in progress, and will be for the rest of my life.”
Diane is a huge advocate for suicide prevention, and has recently been working on opening a company to help others called My Story’s Not Over Yet.
Diane has freelanced for businesses, the food industry, bands, and loves to take pictures of nature. She says the sky is a beautiful thing and is an art in itself. She sees it as a different drawing or painting every day.
Diane has been published in HTBARP Magazine, Stencil Magazine, and featured in That’s Why We Musyc. She has captured images of Memphis May Fire, Tonight Alive,and more.
You can find her on Instagram at www.instagram.com/camera_chick7 or Facebook at www.facebook.com/camerachick7

Angry Music Critic Writer

Not much is known about the Angry Music Critic, he never gave us his full name, just A.M.C. – we just started calling him that, and it struck. He doesn’t venture out much, only occasionally taking in a show here or there. He has an inactive Twitter account at @AngryMusicCrtic

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