Kings and Queens Tour – Dallas, TX

As I walked into Canton Hall in Deep Ellum in downtown Dallas, Texas, where Butcher Babies, and Nonpoint kicked off their Kings and Queens tour, I could hear the crowd talking, and getting pumped up. Everyone was waiting for co-headliner, Butcher Babies, to hit the stage. After a few moments, Chase Brickenden, drummer for Butcher Babies walked out, and took his place behind his drum set, with the crowd erupting with cheers, and chants of “Butcher Babies!” The lights went out, and in an instant, the band storming the stage in an eruption of light, and energy. 

When the first riffs were struck, the crowd was ready, and the noise level in the building erupted. Heidi, and Carla, singers for the band, always give off a lot of energy, rarely standing still, bouncing around the stage, and into the crowd.  After the first song Heidi got jumped off the stage into the pit, and stood on the railing performing for everyone at the front of the venue, getting really close to the fan.

It was a great show and they performed many of their great songs off their last album, Lilith. One of the songs that got the crowd really going was Monster’s Ball from their Take it like a Man album. You could tell that song hit them because that is when the mosh pit ignited, and people were running and smashing into each other everywhere in the middle of the venue floor. A couple of the other songs that got them going was Magnolia Blvd off their very first full-length album Goliath, and Headspin which is off their latest album Lilith.

As they closed out the show with one extra song for the crowd Heidi motioned for the crowd to part ways, so she could get down and go out into the middle of the crowd. Once she got out there she got the crowd going around here in a large mosh pit. You could see her directing them as if she was the ring leader of the whole crowd that night. It was an incredible sight to see her in the middle of everyone for a few minutes finishing their set and getting them ready for the next band. After a few minutes out there in the crowd she walked through all the fans high-fiving fans on her way to the backstage area and the rest of the band exited the stage so the co-headliner to hit the stage and their show could go on. If the Butcher Babies are every in your area and you get a chance to go and see them I would highly recommend taking the time to go to their show! I am sure that you will not be disappointed they have such a great show to go with their great music.

Words and photos by Craig and Paula Youngblood

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