Internet Sensations Mia x Ally Enchant the Voodoo Lounge

Mia Asano and Piper Ally performing as Mia x Ally at Voodoo Lounge in Kansas City. Photo by Josh Chaikin

For better or worse, Social Media has become entrenched in most of our lives. Many will look at cat photos. Some people have forged friendships. Some have found love. Still others have found an audience for their art, which is what happened with electric violinist MIA ASANO and ALLY THE PIPER. Though they each had their own followers, they were fans of each other, which lead to a few collaborations, a new album, and now a tour under the name of MIA X ALLY.

Dubbed “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” tour, it could easily have been called “The Viral Hits,” after the album the tour is in support of. But the concert is so much more than that. While the duo did play songs off of their new album, they each were able to play their originals, and favorites, while the other took a step back allowing the other to shine, Including Labyrinth (Mia’s version, Taylor Swift was unable to make the show, despite spending a lot of time in Kansas City).

Apart from the music, there were sweet moments, too. Ally dedicating her performance to her dogs at home, and Mia also dedicating her performance to Ally’s dogs. Mia and Ally are also fierce advocates for mental health awareness, and suicide prevention. They’re working with American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (or 988 on your phone), and To Write Love on Her Arms, with proceeds from sales of Ally’s emotional support axes, and streaming revenue of Mia’s Go Go Power Rangers, being split between those organizations.

To say that MIA X ALLY‘s music is just covers of your favorite songs on bagpipes and electric violin is overly simplistic. Songs like Through the Fire and Flames by DRAGONFORCE, Crazy Train, and even Free Bird, get a Celtic rock treatment that somehow just works.

The bagpipes have long been stigmatized, and ALLY THE PIPER is certainly doing her part to change the public’s perception with her contemporary twist; teaming up with MIA ASANO, who’s taking the violin out of the orchestra pit, the duo are creating something truly special.

Words and photos by Josh Chaikin

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