Five Bands NOT To Miss at Louder than Life

So, you’ve waited all year. Requested time off from work. Found a babysitter for the kids. The day is finally here…you’re at Louder Than Life!

You wait in line to get in and finally hit ground zero. You smell the food, hear the music, and witness all the people having the time of their lives. Then it hits you: sensory overload! You senses are firing on all cylinders. With so much awesomeness happening all around you, it’s hard to figure out which bands to see first. With so many incredible bands playing basically nonstop for the next two days you have a hard time deciding who to see first. Sure, you could go see one of the insanely popular and equally good bands like Korn, Slipknot or Avenged Sevenfold…but it’s likely you’ll be kicking your own ass if you didn’t check out some of these emerging acts that are new to the Louder Than Life stage:

Motionless in White – These guys originally formed back in 2005, so they’ve been in the game for a little while and it’s likely you’ve heard the name of this band recently as they are starting to make some serious waves. While most people describe their music as gothic or industrial, the fact that they incorporate crazy keyboard notes into their music helps blend a sound that is all their own. If it’s your first time listening to this very talented group, you might akin their sound to the likes of Marilyn Manson, so you know it’s going to be awesome. Don’t miss these guys on Saturday.

Chevy Metal – Who the hell is Chevy Metal, I hear you say. While you might not be familiar with the name, I can almost guarantee that you’ve heard of the drummer and lead singer, Taylor Hawkins, of Foo Fighters fame. Predominantly a cover band, this 3 piece line up plays gritty 70’s rock, ranging from Black Sabbath to Queen and everything else in between. High energy doesn’t even begin to describe these guys and you can tell they’re having a blast and putting everything they’ve got into their performance, which is always fun to see in a band. Oh, and word has it that they’ll play your private party, your grandparents’ wedding anniversary, or your cousin’s bar mitzvah for a million bucks…which is a bargain for what they guys give each time they hit the stage. See them Saturday.

Sabaton – This heavy metal Swedish band was formed in 1999 in the town of Fulon and has been melting faces every day since. Their lyrical motivation is drawn from conflicts, battles and leaders from World War 1 and 2. While many people in the United States may be unfamiliar with Sabaton’s work, these guys are huge in Europe; to the point that they have their radio station, which is a co-op with Radio Bandit Sweden that mainly plays their material as well as stuff from bands that they’ve worked with or toured with in the past. And if that wasn’t enough, they also host their own “Sabaton Open Air Festival” in their hometown of Fulon each year, in additional to an insane “Sabaton Cruise” that is apparently pretty insane. Don’t miss these guys on Sunday.

Them Evils – This 3 piece rock and roll band, who originally formed back in 2014, decided to follow their passion for music and leave their hometown of Las Vegas and move to Huntington Beach, CA in order to really start crafting their sound. With their release of “Cold Black Love” in 2015, things really started coming together for the band as they began growing a strong following in the Southern California rock scene as well as back in their hometown in Las Vegas. Mid way thru 2016 and the sky is the limit for Them Evils and lead singer, Jordan Griffin, puts it best in saying, “We just want to show people that rock ‘n roll is still relevant!” he continues, “We want to inspire listeners and change people’s lives like our idols did for us.” As soon as they step on stage, it’s apparent that the band loves what they do and are totally driven and committed to rock and roll. Be sure to check them out on Sunday.

Adelitas Way – Another band coming out of Las Vegas, we have alternative metal, post-grunge band Adelitas Way, who got together in 2006. You might be familiar with these guys from their very first breakthrough song titled “Invincible” which had tons of air play on television and in numerous live sporting events. 2016 continues to be a big year for them as they have toured with a lot of big names ranging from Guns N Roses to Creed. One of their latest releases, “Getaway” hit #8 on the Billboard Hard Rock Charts, make them a serious force to be reckoned with. See them on Sunday.

It’s not too late, get your tickets now!

Jordan Vittitow

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