Uli Jon Roth – Guitar Virtuoso

Known for his work in Scorpions, before departing amicably, Uli Jon Roth is currently headlining the North American Xtreme Guitar Tour, with super group Black Knights Rising as support. With support from Jon West on vocals, Kofi Baker (son of Ginger Baker) on drums, Elliot Rubens, and additional support on guitar from a man whose name escapes me (if you know, please let me know), Uli Jon Roth played a nice selection of songs from his time in Scorpions, including one of his more popular pieces, Sails of Charon.

While onstage, Uli remarked that it had been 30 years since he was last in Kansas City. Not surprisingly, at least one person was at that show 30 years ago, much to the surprise of Uli. This intimacy, and laid back way with which Uli interacted with the crowd, made it seem more like a favorite uncle pulling a guitar out at a family gathering, than attending a rock concert, which was nice.

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