Sting and Shaggy in Kansas City

There are a select few in the music industry who can go by one name, Sting being among them. From his time as the front-man of The Police, to a prolific solo career, Sting has left an indelible mark on the music industry. When a collaboration with reggae star Shaggy was first announced, some people were a little confused by the pairing. But the success of 48/876 proved there was something magical in the formula. Always having a twinge of Reggae in his sound (and Reggae being listed as a style on his Wikipedia page) Sting proved that this was more than a one-off project with Shaggy.

Though the show was sponsored by Kansas City’s pop station, most of the audience was of an older generation, who seemed to enjoy the set, at the mostly-sold-out Midland theater. It was a high-energy performance, with more songs in the single set than are typically seen on bills with multiple bands.


Photos and Words by Josh Chaikin

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