Fink Packs The Forum – London, UK

While you may not be able to name one of Fink’s tracks, I am sure you’ll almost certainly have heard their music. They have been featured on US hit series such as CSI, The Walking Dead, Covert Affairs, and Lie to Me, as well being featured on a MasterCard Advert.

The British band is currently on tour around Europe, and graced London with their presence last Friday. They not only came to perform their genius music, they also brought their stunning light show. The combination of these two components creates a magical atmosphere, which will make you feel like you are in a different world.

Their set was a mix  of minimalist, heartfelt ballads, and songs with lots of power and energy. In the end, Greenhall couldn’t hold and just jumped into the crowd to be as close as possible to their fans. You could see during the entire set that the band knows what they are doing and love to see how the crowd reacts to their show. It felt like they enjoyed every single second on stage and therefor rewarded us with a nearly 2 hour long set. It was an magical evening with wonderful music. It’s been the first time I have seen them live but I know it wont be the last!

Photos and words by  Nici Eberl

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