In This Moment – Kansas City

Having played in Kansas City less than a year ago, Maria Brink, Chris Howorth, Tom Hane, Randy Weitzel, and Topeka Kansas native, Travis Johnson returned to the Midland Theater on Wednesday evening. When Maria would ask, later in the evening, who had seen In This Moment before, it became clear that it may well have been the same crowd that huddled inside back in January. But, new tours, hopefully, bring new songs, and In This Moment did not disappoint.

While it was clear everyone in the audience had their favorite, donning everything from white masks to “whore caps,” the new material blended itself effortlessly into their set. Notably, Sex Metal Barbie, which In This Moment would released, digitally, for those who pre-ordered their album, Black Widow, which drops on November 17th. But, as Gene Simmons realized when forming KISS, a rock concert isn’t about the music, but the spectacle that is delivered while performing it; thankfully, In This Moment delivered both.

Maria would perform a number of costume changes during their set, as well as her “assistants,” dressing up in everything from nurses, and a ringmaster, to what I can only assume is a dictator, and tribute to Pussy Riot. The show would also feature bright lighting. something you’re not always assured of at a rock concert anymore, as well as smoke pots, and fog effects, including a gun Maria would spray the audience with.

Touring with three openers, In This Moment helped to deliver a show that kept a very satisfied crowd on their feet, until well after midnight.


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