Icon for Hire – Aftershock – Merriam, KS

With a new album coming out on October 15th, and “Scripted” already on the shelves, Icon for Hire had no shortage of material to perform for a packed Aftershock in Merriam Kansas on Friday night (and the crowd didn’t miss a beat as Icon for Hire performed for nearly two hours).

The current tour, entitled “An Evening with Icon for Hire” sounds very intimate and comfortable. If that was the intent, then they pulled it off very well. Instead of launching into their set, ICF took questions from the audience that were sent via text message (more on that  in a minute), as well as sharing amusing stories from  the road. This made things feel like it was just a  gathering of friends, a sentiment echoed by Ariel when  she called Kansas City their “second home,” which played  very well with the crowd.

An acoustic set followed, with Ariel on vocals and Shawn Jump on guitar. After playing two songs, Ariel drew attention to three mannequins that had been on stage, under cover of sheets, since doors to the house opened.  She began talking about how she became interested in  clothing design and shared some of her pieces. It’s  always interesting to see how varied the interests of  people can be, and where different talents lie.

After a short break, ICF took to the stage again, playing a mix of new material and crowd favorites. As a capstone to the Evening all members of the band signed autographs, posed for photos and took the time to speak with their fans. If Icon for Hire is coming to your area, you’ll definitely want to see them. They are well on their way to stardom.

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